Change The Stories You Tell About Your Life That Hold You Back!

Nov 15, 2015 | Creativity

let go of the past story

If you’re sitting in this puzzling cycle where the same things keep happening to you over and over again even though you’ve really changed… check what you’re saying. Chances are you have a story that could use an update right now.  

“My whole life I’ve always been…”

“Every single time I’m in a relationship,  someone treats me…”

“Since I was a kid I’ve had this fear…”

So many times it’s way back when the story started.

But it’s now.  Years later.

Still, we lean back into the old stories where people did something to us… Or something happened and we feel unworthy… Or something totally embarassing happened… Or…

You get it.

You’re in a whirl.

It’s like a record on repeat.

Even if you’re able to change most of your life with brilliance, the places that are stuck are usually stuck with a pattern that isn’t empowering.

Change that pattern.

For me, I always start with changing space.   Cleaning the house is my favorite way to get clear minded.

Then I do some writing.  I let things pour onto a page until it’s all there to see.  If I’m avoiding the journal I’m likely not wanting to see the thing I need to contend with.  Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way icon-status in my life, says that it’s sometimes too terrifying to confront the possibility that our life is a bit of a venerr and tat if we look deeper we’ll see that maybe things need to change.  Writing pages in a journal make you look deeper. It can be terrifying and much easier to ignore it. Don’t ignore it!

And, lately, I’ve brought a lot of visualization and energy healing into my own life.  While I’ve tried every form of energy medicine under the sun, my friend Natalie from the UK clued me in to the power of NLP and I find it both practical and useful, with a touch of energy magic mixed in.

In the article, How to Identify and Change the Unconscious Stories You Tell Yourself , Kris Hallbom lists out a Neuro-Linguistic Programming exercise that is totally dynamic:

How to Change Your Unconscious Stories with Dynamic Spin Release™

1. Think of a problem or an issue going on in your life. Ask, what is the story behind the problem? Use a short phrase to sum up the story.

2. Identify the positive purpose of the story. Ask, what are you trying to get for yourself by telling yourself that story, what is the positive intention behind it? Once you identify it, then take a moment to honor and acknowledge the positive purpose behind the story.

3. Now identify any leftover negative feelings associated with the story you’ve been telling yourself. Then notice where you feel those negative feelings in your body. (More often than not, you will feel them in your head, heart, chest or stomach area.)

4. Imagine removing the negative feelings out of your body and place them at a distance in front of you, and identify what they look like. Notice the shape and size of the image, as well as the color.

5. Now move the image of the negative feelings twice as far away. Then drain all the color out of the image, and dim down the brightness of it.

6. Determine which way the image is spinning. Ask, is it spinning clockwise or counter–clockwise? If it appears motionless then ask, “If it was spinning, which direction would it be spinning in?”

7. Reverse the direction of the spin, and get it going faster and faster until it disappears– and a new healing image, symbol or gift appears in the space out in front of you.

8. Identify the positive message from the image, symbol or gift. How is it meaningful to you? (Optional – Become the gift and ask, “What is your message?”)

9. Now bring the healing image back into your body and notice all of your new feelings and understandings about your old story.

10. Create a new story that honors the positive message of the image or gift, and the positive purpose of the story. Once you have created the new story, then write it down and say it to yourself throughout the day.

Read the whole amazing article HERE. 

I’m all about making space for the new, and by releasing toxic beliefs that hold you back, you have the space in your mind and heart to flourish.

You aren’t creating things and then, almost simultaneously and unconsciously, tearing them down.

We’ve all done it.  But we don’t need to.

And once you have that space cleared in your mind with a much cooler story to talk about, you can bring your much brighter new visions to your life.

This is the power of decluttering your life.

You make seemingly impossible things very possible.

You stop dwelling on blocks and drama.

You lift the energy of the world around you.

And to reinforce it all… design that new story into your home!

That’s the magic of feng shui, and you can start very simply. Make sure your home echoes what you love and want the most in ways that are exciting. From here, everything is possible!!!

xoxo Dana

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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!




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