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Nov 21, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

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Because I’m all about living a dream life and flooding life with joy and I help lots of people to get their own dreams lives in line and break through glass ceilings and transform homes and all that great stuff, there’s this expectation that I have all the answers and that, perhaps, a certain sense that I have no problems. But that’s far from true!

You have all the answers.

We all need to rearrange life sometimes to hear and see the answers clearly to move though life with that electricity of awesomeness, synchronicity and a sense of being on the right path that we all love.

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Today I woke up from a dream or a nightmare, depending on how you view it,  at 6:30 in the morning with this alert sense that something major had happened.

What it is doesn’t matter in this instance.  Let’s just say it’s one of those weird dreams that’s so real that you’re sure it happened and you imagine that you need to do something now that you’ve experienced it.

I woke up worried I made a big bad decision recently.

Of course, I called a friend.

Then another.

Then another.

Then I texted people in Europe. The Midwest.

Then I realized the only answer to my own question was to stop f&*%$g asking people!

I got in my car and went to get into spirit.   Chanting.  Did some EFT (have you tried it, it’s so awesome!?) Started writing up a storm.  Drank kale and coconut. Tossed every single extraneous thing from my purse, my car…

Everything in my dream got sorted out spectacularly.  It was actually much easier than I thought.

When I don’t know what to do or feel confused or overwhelmed, there’s always some space to clear.

Even if we all lived in simple white spaces with two outfits and not a scrap of junk and sipped tea all day, we’d all still have space to clear.

Every single day creates a flurry of stuff that piles up.

Conversations. Realizations. To-Do’s.  Stresses.  Exciting opportunities. Decisions and more decisions.

Even when it’s awesome it’s not always easy to handle it all.

In the real world we pile on top of it dishes to do, errands to run, gifts to wrap… all of it adds up… it piles up…

There are so many ways to create space. 

When you find yourself rushing to oracles and horoscopes and even dear friends and loved ones in a flurry, you may just need to find your own best way to create space.

It’s extremely hard to trust yourself when you’re in clutter in some way. If you’re in a space where you can’t make a decision, you are the only one that can answer the question.

“What do you think?” is not the same as “What do I think?”

The only thing that matters is what you think.  And you need radical confidence to think for yourself when things get thrown into chaos, I know!!!

If you want to live the lives of your friends and family and loved ones then ask away and do exactly what they say. Ask psychics.  Ask all kinds of people.

If you want to get to what’s right for you, get space.

My dearest and wisest friends luckily all told me the same thing. They know me very well.  “Dana, you gotta go with your gut.”

Easier said than done when your decisions could affect your whole life for years to come, you know?

Two things have gotten me through huge times of being very unsure.  Two things have helped me let go of a lot that was heavy.

These things make all the difference for me.  You can try them in your own ways, and hopefully they’ll bring you to your own confident flow.  Each is meant to be personal and each is meant to be your own creation.  After all, you’re not just sweeping the steps or creating a filing system… you’re creating energetic space where life can crack wide open. That’s personal. And you can do it…!

Let yourself be gigantic.  We all are energy and we can all be giant.  When you’re stressed and unsure of yourself, the energetic space around you shrinks. When you’re filling rooms with your energy, you’re able to almost assist the way life comes together with your magnetism.

Get giant.  Giant isn’t that hard, believe it or not.  Go outside and get a view and imagine yourself in far away places, throwing your energy out far from you to mountain tops, far away home, birds that are flying, all kinds of spaciousness… and feel yourself expand as you do.  If it isn’t coming easy, walk for a while and then do it again.  The more you can fill a room with energy- it comes with practice almost instantly- the more ease and lightness you’ll have.

When you get a lot of space, you’ll see where your space shrinks.  If things shrink your space, like the emails that instantly cause a panic or the worries and the deadlines, look at how you can transform them into something that is exciting.

What if the deadline is a game… and it’s a game you can win if you’re clever and excited and happy?

What if the challenging situation at home is an enormous opportunity to have the closest family ever… and that opportunity is something you’ve needed and didn’t realize it until now?

What if the illness is the message you needed to actually heal your life in profound ways?

Whenever I see the ways I can approach obstacles in a way that makes me feel spacious and stay gigantic, everything becomes a thrill ride and an expansive adventure. It may take a minute to get there, but you can if you want to!

Be love.  I’m reminded of this one often. Be love. Love here I mean not in a romantic sense, love in a universal sense.  No judgement.  More understanding.  Seeking peace.  Remembering our universal connection.  Deciding it’s not worth it to be right for ourselves but rather for everyone to feel right. Win-Win.  Love vibes.

As I was writing this, somewhat mystically a Buddhist priest walked up to me and we talked about the idea of suffering and karma. Talk about synchronicity.

Noone wants to suffer, of course, but in suffering there is this enormous opportunity to clear karma and supercharge your life.  You can’t learn if you’re busy creating suffering for others.  You might temporarily feel powerful by cursing back at the rude neighbor or harming someone as revenge or making a mess or having a wild night of drug-fueled escape, but by meeting life with that energy of wrestling for control, you don’t become radically confident, you know?

I haven’t, at least.  All the name-calling, all the screaming, all the complaining and all the self-destruction partying has only taken me further from a solution.

They’re wrong &  I’m right.  

They’re crazy & I’m sane.

Nothing ever gets solved this way yet we all do this. I don’t care how enlightened a being, I’ve seen it come from all kinds of people. Holy people. Opinion leaders. Everywhere, it happens.

I’m pretty sure no big extraordinary breakthroughs have come from this struggle.

Solutions that blow my mind come from love. At the very least, the only solutions I’ve found that work come from a place of real peace and love.

If you can get there – and we all can- you’ll find radical confidence rising.  You won’t wrestle with the “why is this happening?” and you won’t fear risk.  Even if you have overwhelming obstacles, you’ll also have huge love on your side.

Space is spectacular.

Clear space and you lose attachments that make life feel forced and stuck.  You gain so much trust and care and belief in you, and belief in the best things all around you.

Clarity brings to light all portals for evolution that are waiting for us to jump into and soar.

It’s all very exciting… and you can start right now!!!

xoxo Dana

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