Pantone’s Peace-Loving Colors Of 2016 Are Enchanted Crystals!

Dec 3, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

Lara Meyerratken

(Lara Meyerratken… I want this print; it is perfection!)

When Pantone decides the color of the year, it’s all buzz and fanfare, themes and nail polish bottles, collages and even makeup ablaze on the Internet.  The color of the year is often sort of an oracle, setting a theme for whatever is happening aesthetically in so many industries… and those aesthetics do create change in space and emotions.

This 2016 is a special year.  There are two colors this year.  And both are colors of the more metaphysical. Energetic.  Peaceful.  They’re crystal colors.

Rose Quartz and Serenity which is the perfect color of Celestite crystal.

Let’s get the intentional color enchantment flowing for the New Year! 

Color-of-the-Year-2016-Rose-Quartz-Serenity-Pinterest (pantone)

First, the official ombre swatch.  I like it. It looks a bit like websites of three years ago, but I still like it. Fresh for swatches, and the blend of soft hues is sweet and easy, especially at their blending point.

I think this weekend I’ll grab a handfull of vintage dresses in these crystal colors, but for now, let’s dive into the crystals themselves…and all their open-hearted, open-minded idealism.

rose quartz pantone 2016 color of the year

Rose Quartz: 

These are the ultimate in love crystals.  I take baths with big hunks of Rose Quartz to keep myself energetically softer and more yin (quiet, calm, receptive)… and it also makes for a great love potion of a bath with a drop of ylang ylang or sandalwood or rose (or all three!) essential oils.

Rose quartz in a bedroom promotes sleep and sweeter dreams. In your workspace it can help you stay focused in LOVE energy, an energy that Dr. Bruce Lipton explains can scientifically bypass and remove our limiting beliefs (we all have ’em subconsciously) and expand life dramatically.   

You can put rose quartz anywhere and watch it glow with soft pink calming energy. Pink itself is the most calming of colors, so the energy of serenity is magnified so many times over.



Serenity itself is the color of Celestite crystal.


The celestial stone.  Tapping into higher, more clear vision and dreams is the story of this faceted blue wonder.  Celestite is thought to detox negativity and help you open up to speak your goals and visions of the future out loud.

Celestite has a perfect story for meditative areas.  It’s great by fish bowls, it’s amazing in the bedroom, it has a permanent place on my mantle…

Love and Dreams.  Peace and Actualization. Thank you Pantone. This is the color teme the world needs this year… and every year!  xoxo Dana



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