A Feng Shui Idea To Create A More Magnetic Life!

Dec 6, 2015 | Creativity

Dana Claudat feng shui

There’s this awesome idea that you give what you get.

You might not realize how much force, how little focus or how much static you have in your life until you are met with a challenge or an opportunity or a bubble to catch in your hands.

I popped about 15 bubbles to triumphantly realize how much I wanted to make the bubble go my way. I wanted to sort of wrap my fingers around the bubble instead of letting it fall into an open hand.  My movements were erratic. I thought it was a gentle thing I was doing, but the result was an instant burst the minute a beautiful, soaring bubble landed in my special gloves.

For all the lightness I have, this exercise showed me how much more love and peace and presence it takes to be still and gentle in action.

When you can get to this place of super-spaciousness, it’s easy to catch a bubble and hold it in your hand.

Bubbles are the same as loved ones, as creative babies of projects, brilliant ideas, people we meet and talk with all day, as daily actions… Bubbles are the same as opportunity, dreams and our own vitality.

Being still, being peace, having a mind that can focus… these are all part of having much more of what you want, much more magnetically.

It is is all about holding things lightly. 

Hold Things Lightly.

There’s Newton’s Third Law in physics :
“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

And the famous quote:
“If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours.”

So…. Be light and you’ll have more light around you.

Be easy with things and they’ll be easy with you. When you aren’t attached and forcing things you become way more magnetic… And light, happy and abundant…!

Try: holding a bubble in your hands… make a house out of a deck of cards, or… Try meditating by just breathing deeply with your eyes closed for a few minutes longer than you think you can.

Whatever you do… do it with a light touch. You’ll hold magic in your hands!

xoxo Dana

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