The Ultimate Feng Shui To Live A Super-Expanded Life

Dec 8, 2015 | Creativity

Objects have vibrations, too. Along with sentiments.

All of it is affecting us every day.

Mix in food, people, pets, life situations… karma…

We have so many beams of energy all round us. Wi-Fi, phones, electricity… sound… fragrance… All are vibrations.

When you have the highest vibrations around you, you feel it: uplifted, overjoyed, spacious… I often say I feel bigger than the universe when I’m in a particularly amazing place in life.

Each and every emotion is valid and we all are meant to experience all of them.

But, where do you most find yourself in a day in emotional terms?

Neutral? Wanting stuff? Worried? Thinking?

Instead of resolving to do things or quit things or force things, I made a resolution to live as high on this expanding rainbow funnel as possible!!!

This year I’m very interested in less thinking & more feeling. Living more universally. Thinking more in art than in logic.  

Here’s some simple feng shui to live in a radically expanded way!



1- Start by clearing space. Literally get rid of the stagnant old vibrational junk hanging in the air around you like cobwebs. It may sound woo-woo to clear the air, but trust me, once you have space more clear air flowing and fresh vibes around you, it’s the kind of enlivened fresh perspective that is a revolution in itself.

Now… you’re set to actually clear the stuff you don’t need because all that clutter-junk-stuff is super-stifling to your energy.

I had a big talk with my best friend who is a curator of objects and art donated from people around the world who want to let go of and/or transform their past… all sentimental objects and art.

The stories of objects are somewhat epic. Their energy can be profound.

I also know a few people who believe that objects are just objects.

I am in the “sentiment and energy of objects” camp.

After thousands of people and over a decade of working to clear space have run through my professional life, I see this over and again:

We keep the high or low vibrations of objects and all their meanings around us.  

We keep the stories everywhere we look. 

We choose to create space or to shrink space.  

We either welcome in others or we push them away… all in the vibes around us. 

I once went into the house of someone with a disarmingly huge amount of portraits of themself everywhere I looked. There was no room for another person to even exist in that space.

Divorce papers may be sitting in your space keeping you somewhat tethered to the past. A lover with memorabilia from their romantic past strewn about may give you pause. I’ve seen both many many times… and this part of the ethos behind the Museum of Broken Relationships. Objects are donated from ex-relationships and take on a new life as stories of life experience in the context of the museum.

The stuff you don’t like but hold onto “just in case” is creating weight that makes it hard to think decisively…

It’s all fueled by scarcity, it’s all “thinking” and it’s all too much sometimes.

Objects can shrink space or expand space.

It really depends on how they make you feel.

Be honest. Do you really need and truly want everything around you?

Clear the old stories that don’t serve you and make room for new ones.  Clear the old emotions and set the future free!

2- Decide to live only with what you love.  THIS video dives in much further to the sentiments of things, and creating a space that is truly magnetic to love. 

Now… up high on this chart you’ll see things like Tao (aka: Connection), Consciousness and Flow.

The way to enhance these energies is to look all around you in space right now.

Raise up your space energy and you’ll get to the greatest expanded feeling possible, today, right now.

What do you see in front of you? Is it helping you to connect to life? 

Do you feel light and easy in your space? 

Can you concentrate? 

Do you feel organized, easy-breezy and open to possibility? 

Are you stifled… or do you feel free? 

Are you in color, in motion, feeling refreshed, balanced and safe? 

Are you motivated ? Do you feel at home? 

3- Once you clear away everything that doesn’t support your greatest life, find ways to connect more to your space in a personal way to your space!

More art, more beauty, more curation, more pure light…

That’s what feng shui is all about: setting up the absolute optimal space for you to expand and soar and flow and connect…!

Start simple. Make space and fill that space with what you love.

If it were as easy as it’s simple, we’d all do it in a flash.

Do it anyway!!! xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana



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