Bring The Power Of Right Now To Your Life… Right Now!

Dec 13, 2015 | Prosperity

the time is now

The future is ephemeral and the time is now!

Of the seven grand & sweeping principles of Huna, Manawa is my favorite at the moment.

Manawa: Now is the moment of power. 

Show up right now and step into the power of this moment! power of now


Live the Huna Principle of Manawa: “Now is the Moment of Power”

Long before Eckhart Tolle, in the ancient Hawaiian tradition of Huna, there are seven profound principles that shape life and how to live it to its fullest.

Manawa is a big one for me because it’s all about the absolute potential and power of this very moment… Right NOW.

Now is where life is happening. Now you can make the decisions that radically shape your life.

Activate this principle in your life and everything feels like magic!

1. Do some space clearing to clean the air of old stale or stuck vibes. (*burn that sage!)

Your intention to clear the air is wayyyy more potent that any ritual you do.  The rituals reinforce your own energy, they don’t “add” the energy.  You can clear anything you want to clear if you start by believing you’re that powerful!!! You are!!!

2. Try mindfulness meditation. Even a short walk without music in Nature can bring you to more mindfulness.

Meditation in mindful ways isn’t all cross-legged on a pillow, though that’s lovely, too.  Art is meditative, playing games can be meditative, star-gazing can also be meditative!

3. Ask yourself where you’ve surrendered power to others… Where have you been a victim? Where are you not showing up for yourself of others…

If you’re giving away your time, energy and attention to people who are a bottomless-pit and aren’t really thriving while you tend to diminish in exhaustion… this isn’t empowering anyone.

There’s another beautiful power you have: gather up all the energy you’ve been dispensing out of obligation that doesn’t feel healthy and let it fuel you again.

4. Now: show up!  Make it your mission to embrace the moment of power… right now!

The ultimate feng shui way to show up and become more present is to clear all your clutter.  The more you clear, the more you eliminate the weight of the and become more dynamically present!

Making space for magic is what it’s all about.

xoxo Dana




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