The Not-So-Secret Secret To Manifesting Your Dreams Right Now!

Dec 19, 2015 | Feng Shui 101

how feng shui works

Your home can help you to become all you want to be.

I’m pretty sure by now you’ve heard of vision boards and vision maps and all kinds of ways to imagine the future in pictures and then bring it to life once you stick the words and images on a board.

It’s fun, it’s useful and arguably it’s powerful. There are more than a few stories of the peson who created a vision board, put it away in the garage and found it years later, only to realize it all came true!

Not everyone can manifest seamlessly and easily from where they’re at in life. If you’re in chaos and confusion it can be really difficult to trust your instincts and make things happen. If you’re not very present because you’re lost in problems, you might have a very hard time being and feeling effective in every day.

The next level of this vision board idea, though, is to jump steps beyond the board and create your entire environment as a vision board of your life!



That’s what feng shui does, in my way… you create a life that’s a vision board of all that you aspire to be.

Imagine: You wake up and everything you see is messaging a bigger and better everything you want.  From the art on your walls in the bedroom to the specific color of your sheets, the aromatherapy in the air picked with intention to lift your spirits, the food in your refrigerator… the lights in the living room… the office that makes you inspired to work… even the best coffee cup…

Imagine it’s all designed to keep you focused, lifted, spacious, abundant and excited?!

Pretty powerful, right?

That’s just the very start of feng shui in a great big way.

Before all these dream-making switches that layer your home in your wishes can actually take hold in your life, though, you have to have clear space.

Your vision board won’t “work” if you store it in a dirty trash can simply because as you stuff it in the trash you’ll know that you’re instantly devaluing your dreams. You’re saying you don’t believe… or, at the very least, you don’t really care.

In the exact same way, your feng shui won’t work if you are adding things to a mess of clutter, junk & dirt at home.

You’ll see far more counter-intention than you’ll see intention.

You’ll be adding your dreams to a pile of confusion.

If you’ve been spinning your wheels to make a change, let go of even more stuff than you think is possible.

It’s a simple super-charger.

Let go of expectations.  Let go of must-haves.  Let go of things you might need one day.  Let go of bad memories, bad habits and things you’ve outgrown…

I used to say I wanted to change over and over again, but until I got up the courage to let go of a part of a lifetime of bad ideas and junk and confusion and disorganization, I never changed one bit, despite all my passionate and self-sacrificing efforts.

Sound familiar?

Don’t spin your wheels.

Dare to let things go.

All the space you create isn’t just novel and it doesn’t just feel and look good.  All that space you create makes you an effective, present, awesomely productive creative being.  All that space you make makes your manifestation actually work better.  All that space you clear makes much more opportunity come to life!

Make the space!  Turn your mind to glitter and your energy to irresistable rainbows!

Your home is the most powerful next-level vision board to make your dreams come true.

Clear it out.

Energize it with your wishes.

Live your dreams.

xoxo Dana




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  1. ATHIRA J.S.

    Just very powerful ! One of the most important and energizing stuff I have ever read ! Thank you for the insight !


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