A Super-Fun Way To Collect Your Focus For A Stellar 2016!

Dec 26, 2015 | Prosperity

first three words 2016

How can you argue with such a fun yearly word puzzle?!

While likely you want it all (!)  there’s a great value in having a depth of focus for a day, a week, a year and a whole lifetime.  


Let the story of what’s happening and what you want to unfold totally lift you up.

Take a peek at what happened in 2015: 

For me, this past year was a thrill-ride of breaking professional barriers, incredible production and amazing synergy.  It was also a life lesson in needing stronger priorites and next-level organization.

In a nutshell: I did a whole lot.  I got super-tired-out because it was just so great but I wasn’t able to anticipate how huge a year it would be… All kinds of lessons!

What was 2015 to you? 

I could either view 2015  as an exhausting uphill battle to keep up with the pace… or…. 2015 was the start of a world of fortune beyond my greatest dreams of what was possible.

I choose 2015 as a world of fortune…where I learned just how much I could put myself first in order to be of service in bigger and better ways.

Choose to see this past year for all it’s gifts and lessons.


Pick a theme for 2015!

What do you see yourself creating?

Do you have the space in your schedule, your life and your heart to make it real?

Create the space to make this the best year… ever. 

I spent a lot of time in the past week doing enormous space clearing and detoxing in baths and turning up the volume on my intentions with clarity and excitement.

Seeing how fuzzy your goals and pictures of the future are can help you to bring them into focus.

Seeing how cluttered or unstructured your life has been can help you bring it all into order.

Organization brings power. Structure brings strength. Sleep helps you to thrive.  Imagination lights up your dreams.

Choose to make yourself your #1 priority and everything else is a thrill.

& if you want to really super-charge the New Year preparations, #30DaysofFengShui on Instagram (here!) can spark so many ideas to make this a life revolution of a new year!

xoxo Dana



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