A Wildly Powerful Way To Recharge Your Life & Stop Getting Drained Every Day!

Dec 26, 2015 | Creativity

yarrow flower essence

Today’s #30DaysofFengShui is all about becoming impervious to the cycle of modern life that plagues so many of us: being drained by life.

I write a lot about avoiding toxins in every day living- and especially about avoiding energy vampires– but this is a next-next-level recharger for your aura that I can’t possibly recommend more! It’s AWESOME!

And it’s a flower essence.

If you’ve been feeling drained, uninspired, pulled in so many directions you can’t think straight or otherwise feel like you aren’t glowy, this one’s for you! 

Yarrow Flower. Aura Recharger.

If you’re feeling drained, dragged down, not enough downtime, too many computers, people or to-do’s on the list… Recharge your aura.

It’s a real thing, not just woo-woo speak. We are electric and we need to recharge!

Yarrow flower essence is thought to pull your energy back together, helping you find your center, feel your power and stop getting pulled in a zillion directions.

This Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES!) was brought into my life by the dazzling nutrition guru Elissa Goodman . It’s amazing if you need to develop stronger personal boundaries, revamp your energy and become detoxed of too much life stuff weighing you down.

Only 4 drops 4 times a day is massive rejuvenation for your energy field…

Or a few droppers full in a bath stirred for a minute in a figure 8 pattern, according to their website.That’s my later-bath.  You soak for 20 minutes in the flower bath then lay down in a towel for a quiet while longer, soaking in the benefits!


xoxo Dana


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