A Powerful Space Clearing Ritual To Free Your Life Of Creative Blocks & Limitations!

Dec 28, 2015 | Creativity

a creative un-blocking ritual

Ritual is powerful.

When you have habits that support your inspiration, your exploration and expansion… you are constantly cultivating strength in your talents and mission on this planet.

That’s a big deal.

Like training for a marathon or a competition.

Elite athletes don’t let bad moods or upsets stand in the way. In fact, some say 90% of success as an athlete is mental. I don’t know the exact ratio in real terms, but I do know that if your mind isn’t working for you, it’s standing in your way.

There’s an ancient saying in Buddhist texts that’s repeated in some fashion in almost every philosophy there is: “Be the master of your mind, don’t let your mind be your master.”

Your SPACE – the actual place where you live and the place where you work- sends you messages every single day.

If your space feels stuck, cluttered or just plain uninspired, you’re operating every day with all kinds of mental messages that are an obstacle.

If you’re ready to create a new paradigm of creativity, inspiration and making of every day without limitations, it’s time to create rituals- just like training routines of athletes- that support your unlimited awesomeness.

Today’s feng shui is a creative space clearing ritual to keep the good vibes flowing everywhere you look… flooding your mind with awesome, energizing flow! 

raise your standards

Every year, twice a year, in the Catalyst Camp home & life de-clutter we all fashion our own space clearing routines that best serve our love and need of clear space to thrive.

If we don’t raise our standards, chances are they will never raise up! This is something we all have to decide, commit to doing… and then ACTUALLY DO!

Here’s a simple one that I do when things have become too dull and I need to bump the creativity up to the next level:

  1. Grab some bowls of sea salt and put them in spaces where you don’t want to be. Whether it’s by your desk, in dark corners or in the more cluttered areas of your home. Picture the salt absorbing all the stagnation and dullness, purifying the air.
  2. Add some inspiration to the area. Be simple and stick some flowers in your favorite color there, or try inspiring art or posters.  Gloment makes my absolute favorite posters.
  3. Write in a journal freehand for at least a few pages every day to get the creative flow going, a critical habit of Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way creativity bible. Don’t censor, just write! To take it to the next level, commit to the 12 Weeks of the book.
  4. Dump your salt after a few days into the trash and carry it out to the trash bin.

If you haven’t been awakened yet to a new flow of creativity… you still have stuff to clear away.

Catherine Ponder calls it “creating a vacuum” in her books about the Laws of prosperity, love and life.

If you’ve cleared and energized and it’s not enough, you have more to let go of to create a vacuum that pulls whatever you need and want into your life.

If you’ve layered on the inspiration and you still feel stuck, clear some major clutter from wherever you spend your time.

I’ve seen it work 1000+ times in the last decade, almost like true enchantment.

Your rituals, your habits… they should all cultivate your greatness.

Whatever is standing in the way of all you can be right now has no place in your space. And I am pretty certain that with or without help you can let it all go if you can see the vast transformation waiting on the other side of your stuckness.

This is so simple it’s sometimes hard to believe… but it always works!

I’m wishing you all your creative and exciting and infinite dreams-come-true.

xoxo Dana

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