Feng Shui To Connect To More Deeply To Peace

Jan 6, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

let's create more peace in the world

It’s too easy to focus on how we’re different and defend a position of being right.  It’s never helpful to be defensive… but it feels justified sometimes so intensely.

It’s not helpful to focus solely on what’s wrong, but I’ve seen it only be helpful to talk calmly about what’s wrong to unearth what’s right.

Lots of times I’ve found we’re not as different as we seem.   On some level, everyone I’ve encountered wants to be loved, heard, seen, felt and supported.

It’s never positive to judge and condemn.  You might not be able to have people in your life close to you who hold you in low esteem or treat you in ways that are unkind, but that doesn’t mean that every single person doesn’t deserve the same wishes of love, joy, health and abundance, you know?

We’re all full of flaws.  But we all matter equally.  And no one person is less worthy of a great life.  Or of all their feelings.  Or of their point of view.

If you’ve been battling situations where you feel like you can’t forgive… this is a cool exercise to try.

If you’ve been repeating patterns of anger where there should be peace… here’s some feng shui to get fresh perspective. 

If you’ve been feeling like you don’t matter… here’s some self-love for you. 

I’m pretty sure the world will never agree on every issue.  That doesn’t mean we can’t all be a part of humanity and heal what stands between us so that we can stand together. It’s an inside job to some degree to be willing to open your heart to things you’d rather condemn, but it’s also a team effort to create a big, powerful change for the better in a bigger way.

Not always easy. Sometimes grueling. But: imagine what the world would be like… or what just a day would feel like… if you felt love all around you most of the time?! I’ve been thinking of that a lot lately, and it’s so worth the work to get there…!

xoxo Dana



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