Have You Been Too Exhausted Lately?

Jan 6, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

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If you’ve been way too tired lately and have a hard time finding your vitality, it can be a viscious cycle.  Exhaustion begets exhaustion.  The frustration creates chaos that causes more exhaustion.

For me, this puzzling cycle of “Why am I always tired?” even when I was sleeping a ton was maddening.  Until I came to see that years of treating my body in ways that were intense and far too brutal, even though they were in the past, had depleted me in ways I didn’t know were possible.

Until, that is, I learned about a kind of fatigue caused by a drain on energy over time that, when fully restored, would be miraculously rejuvenating. 

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Adrenal Fatigue:

Your adrenal glands handle the stress in your body, with the help of hormones that, according to Adrenal Fatigue , “regulate energy production and storage, immune function, heart rate, muscle tone, and other processes that enable you to cope with the stress.”

Adrenal fatigue is a collection of symptoms such as; not feeling well, tiredness for no reason, chronic infections, and upper respiratory infections.   An other wise healthy person can fall victim to adrenal fatigue after a very stressfull life event, due to over stimulation of the adrenal glands coping with the matter. Poor diet, substance abuse, too little sleep and rest, internal inflammation, or too many pressures can also be a cause of this syndrome.

I did a little digging to get to the bottom of the exhaustion mysetery and Adrenal Fatigue Solutions offers up a comprehensive list of symptoms that could be worth checking into if you jusy can’t get back to feeling like yourself no matter what you do:

Signs of Adrenal Fatigue:

  • Asthma, allergies or respiratory complaints
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Dry skin
  • Extreme tiredness an hour after exercise
  • Frequent urination
  • Joint pain
  • Lines in your fingertips
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low blood sugar
  • Low sex drive
  • Lower back pain
  • Numbness in your fingers / Poor circulation
  • Weight gain

While there are many of these symptoms that could mean anything- and there are so many ways to get to the bottom of things includig and foremost doctors and naturapaths-  being chronically tired points to deep needs to rejuvenate in addition to medical intervention.

After all, your lifestyle either lifts you up or drags you down.

Create a lifestyle that supports your wellbeing.

There are basics.

Sleeping.  And if you don’t sleep well, here are some natural tips to support you. There are hundreds of others.  Sleep needs to be really rejuvenating, and if it’s not, the underlying reasons can be everything from stress to supplements or caffeine during the day. Or sleep apnea, a big one people often don’t realize they have.

Eating unprocessed foods.  After hearing mountains of nutritional lectures, it’s astonishing how much food affects our mood. HERE  is one eye opening set of facts on eating kale and your mood. Just kale, alone, is awesome.  A really enriching diet is stupendous.

Express your emotions.  One of the more stressful things in life is bottling up and suppressing emotions.  If you have deeper emotional issues that are a pattern, seek assistance. It will really help you.

Take time to breathe.  My own spritual practice saves me every time, and the more tension in my life, the harder it is to practice.  It’s always that way for me, and maybe for you, too.  When you need the most breath, allow yourself to take it.

Green Tea. It’s meant to be supportive for adrenal fatigue.  I take all caffiene in moderate morning doses but I love my tea, all morning.

Water. Hydration is so vital, it’s surreal.  I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was exhausted when I was actually dehydrated.

Love. Self-love, love for others, love for your life… the more love around you the more love we’ll all have.   It’s easy, but not if you’re not used to it… so it’s a feel-amazing habit to cultivate big time!!!

Wishing you tons of radiance and wellness and passion for every day…!




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