Are You Surrounded By People & Places That Lift Up Your Life?

Jan 14, 2016 | Prosperity

Influence is a powerful force.

This is an idea that is not new…

But the echo of this idea can be a revolution.

Surround yourself by the people who you want to become the most like. And keep the bar high.

My best friend is off to take his child to compete in a National arena in sports.  It’s the first time that the stakes will be higher, where the best in one sport will all be grouped together. It’s a pivotal moment where, suddenly, she’ll make friends who are playing possibly better than she is… and suddenly the bar is high. Suddenly, her friends will be people with stellar practice routines, a different level of commitment than she’s used to at home… And that takes life to the next level.  Soon there will be a new reality of how high the scores can go.  How much is possible.  What can be achieved.  How to get there.

Become the close to the people who inspire you the most.

And, to take this idea to the next level, immerse yourself in the prosperous life you want to live on every level.  This is where your home comes into play in a magnificent way.

Are your countertops gleaming? Is everything shining and clean and clear? Are your sheets fluffy and pillows supportive and appropriately squishy? Are your plants thriving and your carpets clean? Do you wear clothes that make you feel incredible? 

This stuff is all part of lifting up your life.  It’s all around you.

With clients, I can usually see how ready someone is to take a big leap by how willing they are to look at everything and upgrade anything that’s not working or outdated or dragging them down.

There’s a philosophy of getting rid of what’s not working to create a “vacuum” where great things appear.  I’m almost through re-reading Catherine Ponder’s works and this is a key idea.   Nature doesn’t like this empty space of a vacuum so it helps you pull in the things that you want and need… but first you have to create the space. If your life is full of noise and chaos and drama, those influences will be what you contend with every day.

In my own life, I see the same things all the time.  I create a vaccuum all the time, moving toward inspiration… creating more organization… and finding more mentors who lift up my life every day.

If you are looking for more inspiration, to take more big steps forward, to create more on a high… make sure that everything- and everyone- influencing you is in your best interest.

Create your own vacuum for the new and amazing by letting go of things you don’t need… and distancing yourself from influences that are destructive, smushing or otherwise keeping life negative and small.

No one infuences you without your consent, so you can design your life, your way, by your own choice and dreams and desires… right now.

You can also decide to be the example, and best influence, for your whole world.

You can decide to lift up your space and have that much more support and energy carrying you.  If you want to add feng shui to the magic mix, my e-guide can help you.  Or you can do the Love Camp immersion in love on every level, and start with the FREE negativity-clearing Love Camp intro video series HERE!

Feng shui makes the influence you feel from your home the most stunning, specific and empowering.  It adds lots of horsepower to the vacuum you create when you eliminate everything that’s not supporting your best self….and the right people of influence start to appear!

Surrounding yourself with love is always the best way to accomplish anything.  And it’s so much fun to feel life lifted everywhere you look!

xoxo Dana

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