Energize Your Meditation With A Rainbow Of Color

Jan 16, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

crystal rainbow If you are looking to get a burst of energy and imspiration, breathe in multicolors as you meditate.

Yes: paint your meditation break in a rainbow!

One simple way to get revitalized is to use color in your meditation in a super-vibey way.

To try it right now:

Sit quietly to meditate. Breathe deeply and clear your mind.
Now imagine each of the colors of the rainbow- and any other colors you love- one by one as the color surrounding you. Breathe red in and out nine times, then switch the color around you to orange and breathe orange then yellow, green, blue, violet.

Each color surrounds you  in your imagination… then you breathe it in… and then you exhale it.

Let the color fill you up in your imagination each time you breathe in, and let the color fill up the space around you each time you breathe out.

There are more complex and specific ways to move color through your breath (and your life) that I share in my books and Camps and I practice daily, but the simplicity of even just breathing in one color that you love (*hot pink= my favorite)  will fill you up with energy and inspiration instantly!

xoxo Dana

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