7 Ideas To Prioritize Your Life So You Can Do What You Love

Jan 26, 2016 | Prosperity

If the treasures in your life are wherever your heart is, and if so many philosophers throughout thousands of years of history have uttered similar things, it stands to reason that there’s a universal truth in here somewhere. We’re meant to be happy. We’re meant to love. We’re meant to lean into joy.

Then, you might look at what’s in front of you for the day, the week and the year and see a different picture.

If your days aren’t set up with your loves in mind, every other thing in the universe can take over. Work can consume you. Other people’s problems can creep in. Stuff flies out of nowhere and becomes more vibrant and pressing than anything else.

Just like setting deadlines shape time, setting priorities keeps life full of what you love.

For all my clients over the years and all my Campers and for me, who I see every day… there were some shifts that made happy priorities soar to the top of my list. A lot of extra stuff I didn’t need to have in my days effortlessly shook out as a result.

7 Ways To Set Up Life To Do Much More Of What You Love

  1. You come first. If you fear that you family, job or other stuff will take over the day, get up early and do YOU-time first. It may take a week or two to adjust, but even 30 minutes or an hour just for YOU is dramatic. Exercise, meditate, watch art of a film… whatever it is… do you first so you don’t miss YOU later.
  2. People you love come higher than work. Unless you work with your family, if you don’t put them high on the list, they tend to fall lower because, well, “they know you love them.” That’s not good enough. The 75+ year Harvard study on happiness (what a great TED Talk!) determined that relationships were the key to success, health, preserving memory and feeling fulfilled. Do you want that to be neglected? Of course not!
  3. Get help with the day-to-day stuff you can’t manage. If you can’t find the time to do the busy work, get help if you can. There are even phone apps to help you manage your expenses, your grocery lists, your workouts… There are so many kinds of help. Whether you need a food delivery service or a life coach, get help where you’re stretched too thin.
  4. Love what you do much more.  HERE is why I think that no one should ever actually “work” a day in their life again!!!
  5. Actually schedule things. Schedule things so you can fit in everything that’s important to you. Don’t schedule so things are smushed on top of each other, but if you schedule even some fun stuff you won’t miss it.
  6. Confront your own inefficiency. It was suggested to me that I could do twice as much in half the time if I worked smarter and I rolled my eyes… but, alas, it’s true. If you have other compelling things to look forward to… trust me, you’ll get the work done on your list to get that stuff done. Observe what time-wasting stuff seeps into your day and you’ll be shocked….and you’ll also have the key to doing much more in a much easier fashion.
  7. Clear clutter. Do I even need to say it? Maybe so, given the fact that I still have my own pile of stuff to donate beside me. Clutter fills your life with sluggish, stuck and blocked energy. Clean and clear and you free yourself to do much more of what makes you happy…!

It’s all worth it.

Happiness is always worth it.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Lindsy

    I want you to know that the quote you have here is a biblical quote in reverse:
    Luke 12:34
    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also


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