Change Your Space To Unblock Your Life In Huge Ways!

Feb 23, 2016 | Creativity, Feng Shui 101

decide to make your dreams come true

You’re a genius. You have incredible talents, gifts and awesome energy to bring to every single day of your life… and I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it!

Every single cell in your body is a creative force of Nature.

We’re meant to be creating things every single day in joy and love and flow…

Being stuck sucks. Especially if it’s not clear that you are stuck, or why… or how to fix it!

gorgeous mineral stones

When creative flow is blocked it can show up as a block in so many ways— not just as Writer’s Block or a hard time making art itself.

Creative blocks often show themselves as—

  • a downspiral in love and passion
  • exhaustion…
  • way too much drama
  • money issues, debt and draining finances
  • lots of clutter and chaos
  • tons of problems piling up
  • a feeling like you’re pushing through days
  • mood swings… or generally feeling “meh.”

When you’re stuck, it’s tempting to talk about making change, trying to reason out why and how it happened…

I never got very far this way. Nothing changed. It actually made the problem grow.

Have you been there?

The solution I’ve seen work over and again, supported by big science?

Dr. BJ Fogg, Director of Stanford’s Persuasive Laboratory states it brilliantly:

“There’s just one way to change your behavior: radically change your environment”

Changing space changes life!

creating genius creativity book

Welcome to Creating Genius!

I spent the last year creating this e-guide to balancing and unblocking life by pulling together the best of a decade of space-changing and life-shifting feng shui! It’s 50 days and 50 ways to use feng shui to shift your space and your routines to move from “stuck” to creatively inspired and alive.

Start Creating Genius right HERE!

Gather up your magic & make gorgeous dreams come true!

xoxo Dana



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