The Coolest Way To Actually See Auras & Colorize Life In A New Way!

Feb 23, 2016 | Creativity

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From what I know about auras:

  1. They are the electric fields that surround us, and they have been scientifically studied and measured.
  2. They expand when our bodies are energized.
  3. Some people can see them… and I was always skeptical about this one…

But… apparently… not only can you learn to see auras for yourself, you can pick up the specific colors of auras… and each color tells you about yourself and the people around you… and you can learn to do this in a few minutes!!!

I’m purple right now.  Sort of borderline magenta purple aura glowing at the moment.


Yes, I just saw it!

And… you can, too! 

The state of the energy centers of our body known as the chakras, whether blocked or clear,  affect our aura. It’s all energy.  The energy pulsing around us that makes us glow is what we can most readily see… if we learn how!

An aura is an energetic field or atmosphere of energy that surrounds all living things from human-beings, animals and even to plants.  From the color of their aura, it’s thought that we can detect someone’s spiritual, mental, and emotional way of being.

All of life is glowing, so let’s get into this gorgeousness now…!

This is such an incredibly trippy exercise.  It’s how to see an aura!!!  OMG I am so excited about this. It’s pretty spectacular!

Once you see your aura, or someone else’s, you can explore the colors you see.

Here are some Auras Color Meanings:

Red: A person with a red aura is generally energetic, adventurous and strong.  They can also become ill-tempered quickly.  They are usually successful people

Yellow Aura:  These are people who work very hard and are often very analytical and intelligent. Usually people with yellow auras think outside the box and aren’t afraid to take risks.

Green Aura:  People with a green aura are very creative and perfectionists.  They love the aesthetics of life, especially their own surroundings.  These people usually have a lot of friends and are successful at business.

Black:   This represents negativity, depression and major illness.

Orange Aura:  These tend to be social people. They often are very thoughtful and mindful of the feelings of others.  Honesty is one of their best traits.  They have a very calming effect on those around them . 

Purple Aura:  These people usually have a small circle of friends.  They are generally highly psychic and sensitive to the emotions of others.  They get along well with animals and love being in nature.  In matters of love, thy usually wait for someone they connect with on a deep level, rather than emotionless dating.

Blue Aura:  Blue aura people are charismatic and confident communicators.  They convey their thoughts and ideas incredibly well.  These people are very intelligent and are very confident making decisions and choices.

Gold Aura:These are very artistic people.  They love divine art and beautiful things in their homes.  People with a gold aura do not take criticism well and love to be the center of attention.  They like to be listened to by others, but also are quick to lend a listening ear.

White or Silver:  These people are psychic balanced with practicality.  They are adaptable and have a tendency to always follow through with what they start.

To enhance your aura: try eating lots of pure, unprocessed plant foods, get enough sleep and do more of what you love!!!

Shine big &  bright!

xoxo Dana

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