The Magical & Life-Changing Art Of Eliminating Blindspots From Life

Feb 29, 2016 | Prosperity


A big part of the last decade of work I’ve done feng shui’ing and shifting spaces to shift lives has to do with identifying the patterns and habits that are so clear to me now, so clearly laid out in an environment, so clearly described by my clients… but yet, somehow, they don’t see them.

I do the same for myself, reaching out to other people to say… what am I missing here?!

When something stays the same or repeats over and again- the same bad landlord no matter where you move, the same relationships, the same jobs, the same dynamics, the same sense of loss and frustration, the same angers and fears— the problem isn’t outside of us. It’s us.

That’s not a statement of blame. It’s actually the road to freedom.

While I can see all this stuff for other people in their environment and life patterns, trust me, I can’t easily see it for myself.

These things are commonly called BLINDSPOTS.

And you can be free of them…! 

change on the inside

Yesterday I did an innovative and transformational mode of healing called EMDR. While sitting there, open to hearing everything, the idea was presented to me: when you are traumatized, you store that stuff away because it’s too overwhelming to deal with. While you intellectually strive to never repeat the traumatic situation again, and you hyper-vigilantly check to be sure that your new boss, new love, new home or anything else is free and clear of any “red flags”, you’re actually blind to the red flags.   You can’t see them within you and so you repeat things you don’t want to experience over and over again.

To break the cycle, the idea is to finally spot the stuff you’ve been missing that you’ve stored away.

Then you can take actions to handle the real problem at it’s core and resolve it once and for all!

I now see for myself that if I’m constantly trying to justify being right and constantly feeling wronged, constantly repeating similar scenarios in any aspect of life, it’s not a coincidence. It’s all being created by ME. It’s how the blindspots come to life.

They are creative blocks, obstacles, anger, fear and limitation.

Are you seeing the same things happening over and over again and yet you don’t know why? 

This is the life clutter that is your greatest opportunity to grow.

If you’re feeling trapped in circumstances that don’t change and the patterns aren’t easily revealing themselves, genius Martha Beck presents a spectacular way to spot your own hidden stuff in her brilliant article Seeing Your Emotional Blindspots:

3. People consistently describe you in a way that doesn’t fit your self-image.
If tracking patterns in love and luck isn’t enough to reveal your blind spots, there’s another way to go after them. You just have to notice what people tell you about yourself—the things you have always cleverly ignored or routinely discounted. Complete the following sentences as accurately as you can, and you might be closing in on a truth you haven’t fully acknowledged.

“People are always telling me that I’m…”
“I get a lot of compliments about…”
“When my friends or family members are angry with me, they say that…”
“People often thank me for…”
If you heartily agree with all the information that pops up in response to these phrases, you’ve simply reinforced an accurate self-concept by recalling times when others have validated your perceptions. But if any of the descriptions seem strange, incongruous, or flat-out false, consider the possibility that your image of yourself may not be accurate—and almost certainly doesn’t correspond to what other people perceive. By the way, you may well discover that you’re blind to your positive characteristics as well as negative ones…” (you can read the whole article HERE and you absolutely should!)

Once you find your own blindspots… well… it’s awesomely freeing. I mean, it doesn’t take them away just to name them, but it’s the start of something radical.

Now, you have something real to work with. Instead of turning the mirror on others, you can see within yourself the real issues.

What do you do next?

That’s up to you, but I can offer a few ideas that have worked and still work for me and clients and friends…

Get help. Support is the best. Counseling, group therapy, classes, EFT, EMDR, Psych-K. Cleraing away trauma requires support and finding great support is the best investment you can make in every way to ensure your wellbeing.

Get simple.  THIS article on lifestyle habits that support wellbeing when you’re healing your emotional life is spectacular.

Stay spacious. Keep clearing the air with a fan, with palo santo or open windows. Keep clearing closets. Keep clearing away cobwebs, dust and dirt at home. Stretch your body. Look for great views like the sunset to open your mind.

And keep going. Practice keeping your house clean. Practice habits that support your wellbeing. Practice mediation. Practice journalling…

The most painful and entrenched patterns and blindspots open the doors to so much positive change.

This is the kind of de-cluttering that will be a turning point in your life, the start of a chapter where you truly soar!

xoxo Dana

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