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Mar 14, 2016 | Creativity

Minimalist Office

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A lighter space will help you live a lighter and more focused life.

Some time ago while I sat at my Buddhist temple dutifully chanting- at that time for hours and hours because I felt something was missing from my life- with passion a wise woman walked up to me and said, ” You aren’t focused. I hope you don’t mind me telling you, but if you don’t focus you aren’t going to see the benefits.”

I was already being quite intense so I looked at her with a bit of a twisted look and told her that I’ve been doing it for years and I don’t really know how to focus more than I do.

She whipped out her phone and asked if she could play me something. It was me chanting. My voice would drop, I would trail off, and when I’d stop to look at the time or a text message or look around, I’d fall out of synch.

I was really astonished.

I also had a house full of products to review for articles, a bunch of unsorted plans and I had stopped following a calendar because I felt like being more “free” for a while.


It showed up here in such a visual way.

I thought I was focused and being productive but…whoa. 

I went home, organized my creative mess and started a new calendar and did some major housecleaning.

The next day, I went to the temple and chanted for 30 minutes with a whole different sensibility and connection. She smiled at me. Soon… I felt nothing was missing from my life because I was actually showing up and getting the benefits.

You can substitute anything in the above story- from your yoga practice to your job to your relationships. If you can’t show up, you won’t be effective. You won’t get the benefits, or at least, hardly as many, and nothing compared to the amount of time you put into things. And you might not know just how much you haven’t been present until you lighten up space and live with loads of clarity and order.

Today, some “living with less” inspiration can help you to make the most of your time, focus on the present and really start to soar.  

Use your walls. To kick things off, your walls can be a great tool for organizing simply. From a cork wall in the photo above to whiteboards to chalk paint to great wall organizing units, you can use vertical space to store onl y what you need with incredible elegance.

Pare down products. When your bathroom is pristine, you’ll have more opportunity to capture spa-quality rejuvenation every time you shower or take a bath.  “Decision Fatigue” is a real thing that happens when we have too many options for things all day.  If you start your day deciding between shampoo choices and lotions and potions, you’ve already started chipping away at the number of effective decisions you can make in a day before it’s barely started. Less is a wonderful thing!



Eliminate extra furniture. These nightstand/shelves an ultra-elegant way to lighten up a space and highlight only a few essentials you need or want. Cleverness like this can help you to eliminate extra furniture and only focus on what you need.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12_29_06 PM


Try to capsule your wardrobe each season. Recently I let go of nearly 70% of my wardrobe. About 8 years ago I concluded that getting very very well-made (and not necessarily, but ok if so) wardrobe basics and clearing out the extraneous stuff was vital.   That move allowed me to let go of half of my then-wardrobe. But, for work, videos, events… I accumulated a ton of dresses and a ton more stuff. I learned about capsule wardrobes, and -wow- they create so much freedom!!! THIS is a great article to get you started on your own wardrobe capsule.  

dana claudat minimalism

Make space to clear your mind as well as your home.  

Make a space to meditate, reflect, write in a journal or something sacred and mentally de-cluttering. Whether it’s a floor pillow or a whole room (!) you can use simple objects like a candle, some sage, a crystal or some other special object to highlight the importance of your you-time area.

A new year fresh start is coming soon… but it’s ALWAYS a great time for a new year fresh start!

xoxo Dana

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