Could It Be That Someone Is Draining All Your Glowing Energy?

Mar 26, 2016 | Creativity

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I know, I know… the idea of psychic vampires can be so odd and so woo-woo sounding, and yet, as I’ve said before, there are some things that have been proven true for so very long that while no science supports them, they are real enough for me to share.

Like: Psychic Vampirism.  What does it mean?  Basically, if you think of yourself as a big ball of energy (which is scientifically true) a psychic vampire is someone who captures your attention and siphons off your energy, whether you are actively aware of it or not. They grow and you wither.

If you’ve been at a loss for why you feel so down, why you’re mind stays fixated on someone, why drama seems to be everywhere around you, why unexplained accidents or mishaps are in your life, why you’ve got no sense of center any more, why you’re so exhausted or on a rollercoaster of emotions, this can be enlightening as a concept and also very instructive as a way to check your own behavior.

And…once you’re linked up with a vampire, you’re likely to become one, too. So this is really a down-spiral of the biggest kind.

Here’s a whole lot about psychic vampirism and how to clear yourself of their pull if you have one in your life.
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First, I read this quote from The Celestine Prophesy (the book that first made me “see” the energy of trees) on Michelle Knight’s website:

“When a human controls another human, they absorb their energy, leading to a sense of gratification and motivation to continue the practice. They thus become ‘addicted’ to the feeling , getting progressively more demanding and out of control in their efforts to absorb ever more energy from their interactions with others.

“This, and a couple of other forms of gaining energy can only be achieved at another humans’ expense. And as always, conflict is inevitable when humans feel the need to control and dominate one another.

…Other forms of gaining energy involve manipulating or forcing others to give us attention, and thus energy. When we successfully manipulate others in this way, we feel more powerful, but they are left feeling weakened and drained.”

It’s clear when you’re in a turmoil situation that you’ve got something that’s draining in your life, but the implications of this psychic vampirism don’t just happen when you’re in a struggle with someone actively. The pull and drain can continue even when you’re separated from them if you still allow an attachment to them to continue.

That’s the key word: ALLOW.

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How do we let vampires in? 

By saying that we allow this stuff to happen, of course, it’s not conscious that we allow it.  But, there are many ways we become weaker and these vampire energies can get too close.

Some common ways we let vampires into our space include: drinking alcohol, taking drugs and, as many experts on the topic say, having sex.  While you may have no moral judgement on any of these things for any reason, they’re all ways to open yourself up to both vampire energy, and, also, many believe, other dark entities floating around.

This – among other reasons!)  is why I don’t drink, I don’t take any drugs (even avoid pain medications and anything else) and I’m very aware of the people around me in all aspects of my life.  I’ve been judged as many things including “holier than thou” for my standpoint on this stuff, but I’ve had so so so much experience being taken down to hell with vampires flying at me, I have a very easy time saying NO to all of it.

If you have a partner or friend or close family member who is doing the above in environments that are negative- especially with other toxic people who spin in drama or crave attention (narcissists) – you’ll watch the energy fields dim around them, sadly, but most always truly.  You might also see your own energy dim if they start getting latched into the drama.

What happens when you’ve got vampire energy in your life?

Some of the things I’ve seen and experienced include: feeling weak and exhausted for no medical or physical reason, insomnia or nightmares that are freakishly vivid, rollercoastering lives, accidents, everything feeling numb, feeling freezing cold for no reason, unusual worries or anxiety, zero self-confidence when you once had so much, and, the scariest one:  unusual attachment to people who harm you.

Oh yeah, your home also likely looks like a cyclone hit it.

These are some of the common signs.  You’ll also notice plants and people are not really that radiant around you, either.

How do you let it go? 

See if you can get clear on what’s happening: Recently I read this awesome article (which I warn you gets a bit woo-woo) that explores how to tap into your inuition very simply to see if you have anything off balance going on.  You ask yourself questions, you hear the answers.  It was illuminating because it’s very detailed in the different types of entanglements that can create toxic situations in your life and just reading the list was a big awakening for me.

Separate yourself from vampire energies.  If you’re in close proximity, it’s way harder to break free.

Stop drugs (even Advil and the like if you can!) &  alcohol completely and see if you feel more relieved. Stay away from that energy, especially where it’s used frequently.

Use lots of salt.  Sea salt is a great first step to purifying your body and mind.  Liberally salt a bath (1-2 cups of salt is my way) and soak for 15-20 minutes.

Spend time in Nature to start flooding your life with the purest positivity.

And… there are thousands more ways to detox and stay strong against vampiric pull.  Simply staying grounded and living the cleanest and healthiest you can live is a wonderful way to avoid letting this stuff come near you.

Wishing you an amazing time keeping your life shining!!!

xoxo Dana

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