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Apr 5, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

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Wherever you put your attention is where you are going to go.

It’s where your energy goes, and truly, where your energy goes is where you’re going to see things grow.

When you change your space, you dramatically shift where your attention will go every day. And when that happens it feels like magic because suddenly you’re paying more attention to beauty, to positive intention, to love, to dreams…

Of course, if you’re in a place of chaos or you’re super stuck and you dramatically change your space or you make a dramatic decision to alter your life from a negative, destructive patterns to positive ones overnight you’ll likely feel totally amazing… but you may not know where to go from there.

In fact, if you aren’t really grounded in your big change, you might slide back into your old habits and feel the stuckness creep back in… and, along with it, you’ll see the outside of your life start to devolve, too.

It’s not that you’re failing… you just haven’t had the growth inside yet to match the growth outside.

If you want to make changes that stick, endure, built and become a new reality, you need to be able to put your attention on growth in every way. It’s an immersion. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a commitment.

Shifting the outside of life- from a makeover to a new home to new habits and actions-is a powerfully instant way to propel you forward. But to stay in this elevated space takes practice, presence and this secret ingredient called love.


All great changes require so much love it’s not surprising that my clients are so spectacular and my online Camps are filled with some of the most love-filled people I’ve ever met in my life, digitally or otherwise. The commitment to making a change in the ways you operate and the ideas you entertain and the focus of life every day is a huge one. It’s usually propelled by love.

Whether you know you need to give yourself more love, you see love lacking and recognize it’s something you’ve neglected or you have great passion for things that are constantly out of reach… Love is such a powerful survival instinct. We fight for it, we create days to honor it, we sacrifice for it and many spend their lives looking for it.

Surrounding yourself with love is a brilliant way to reinforce all the love it takes to make changes that stick.

Think about it, if you want to quit sugar, would it be an act of self-love to keep some cookies and candy for guests, even though it pulls your attention?   Or if you want to quit drinking, would your drunk friends still be lingering around? Or if you want to become super-creative again, are your stuck, cynical family members the best people to talk with about your dreams?


If you want to shift anything that’s pulling your attention down and out and draining and confusing you… start with love.

Love yourself enough to pull yourself out of the toxic entanglements. Love yourself enough to clean up your house. Love yourself enough to make the needed repairs. Love yourself enough to love people who are not part of your intentions from a safe distance. Love yourself enough to commit to putting your attention on things that are growing.

At home, it’s time to dump the junk, gather up everything that’s fallen into disrepair and corral all the disorder, committing to creating order. 

The timeline to fix things might be longer than you’d technically like, but the willingness to make real changes isn’t a magic-pill type affair. I’ve had people winning consistently n their clutter-clearing in the Catalyst Camp for three seasons now, and while the wins move you forward and constantly improve life, the great bliss can take longer for some than for others. That’s OK. The love of how far you’ve come and how you’re moving forward every day will keep you moving forward.

This is the most solid foundation I’ve seen that you can give yourself to create a life you love.

If you want to really gain ground and make positive changes, live with love in your actions in an immersive way.  

For myself, I realize that healing and repairing from super-low, rock-bottom style situations was a full time job. When I was super sick, I literally could not hear people’s complaining, I couldn’t even read gossip articles nevermind bother with listening to drama, I shielded myself from negativity and immersed myself in love and celebration every single day. It was the only way that worked. Nothing else and no amount of therapeutic drugs could fix me.

People I know who’ve broken free of addictions, revolutionized their health, completely flipped around their careers or rehabilitated their lives from dark places… that was all an immersion.

Your home supports the immersion: without static in the air, without visual mess, without unfinished projects to remind you how behind you are… without bad memories… this is all an act of self-love to support your life.

If you want to stay in that space of change and happiness and expansion, practice that love every day… 

When you were a newborn, you practiced crawling. You practiced taking steps. You fell and got up. And chances are you persisted enough and learned these skills because you wanted them at your core. Same with talking… reading… writing… We’re innately able to learn and teach ourselves and literally re-wire our brains (!) and revamp the DNA of our cells (!!!) when we practice.

In Buddhism, there’s a chance to experience enlightenment every single day. But to stay in that state, you need to practice. And practice. And practice.

It’s way easier to practice that when you have clear space. Clear the toxins, clear the distractions, clear the hurt, heartbreak, negativity and fear. Light up the darkness and you make room to grow and practice every single day.

When you get really grounded in self-love first and foremost, you won’t let the donuts into your house when you’ve quit sugar. You won’t let yourself be a doormat for destruction. When you’ve emptied your closet of all the clothes you don’t need and see all that you’ve accumulated that you don’t want, you’ll be far more selective about what you buy in the future.

Dare to shift your environment – healthier, lighter, brighter- and you suddenly can see where you’ve been in a fog. Dare to eliminate everything that holds you back and weights you down and you’ll suddenly be able to immerse yourself in positive changes. Love yourself enough to practice every day so that you can grow and fill all that clear space you created with your dreams projects, a thriving family, happier days, fabulous friends, love that’s thriving, philanthropy, abundance and any and everything you’ve ever wanted.

Every single time I have faltered, every single time I’ve lost my ground, every time I watched people I love hit their own bottom and slide into their own demons, it was when the daily practice went away. It was when attention went toward other people’s problems, it was when the demons got indulged and flirted with, it was when the junk and clutter and mess and disorder was left to pile up because the daily practice of self-love as the core of life slowed or stopped.

It’s not instant to create a revolution that lasts, but it can be all love-the whole way through-if you create the space and time to find your best way and commit to sink yourself into a fresher, brighter world.

I’m wishing you days where the reflections of yourself that you see mirrored back to you from all of life are all the most high and the most inspired.

xoxo Dana

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