Feng Shui To Become One Of Those People Who Have A Midas Touch

Apr 24, 2016 | Prosperity

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Do you marvel at the ease that some people seem to adapt to new routines, learn new things and soar with a seeming Midas Touch?

Everything they do seems to be brilliant.  Every endeavor is a great one.   They’re always making the best of situations, constantly moving toward goals, living dreams…

And they seem so happy and so at ease and it is sometimes like they’re just lucky and everyone else isn’t or they know some secret…

But… they’re just tapped into life and possibility.

In feng shui, it’s called Tao.  It’s what happens when you get deeply rooted in life rather than in your mind the way that it is right now…

It’s actually quite easy once you can move past all you thought about your mind and it’s capabilities and what is possible.

You can constantly learn new things.  You can change focus from negative habits to positive habits.  You can heal trauma in life on every level.  You can transform any situation.

Your brain is plastic.  You can rewire it to create a new reality.

The universe is also “plastic” and you can work with it to create a life that exceeds your wildest dreams.

This isn’t New Age.  It’s actually some of the most hotly-researched science. It’s what’s putting robots on the planet and putting computers in your pocket.  It’s the stuff that’s creating new universes.  And it can help you develop your own Midas Touch!

Whatever you want… let it be emotionally clear.

So clear you can taste it, touch it, feel it and literally sense it all emotionally.

Pictures and words – like a vision board- are fine… but not even a little bit of enough. Part of the reason I think that people “manifest” similar relationships over and again is because they haven’t emotionally imagined different patterns living in their lives.  See what you want… and feel it, sense it, and every day, keep in the practice of letting that be your guide.

Practice, practice, practice.  

There’s a reason why I do so may things as “routines” in my own life- from my Buddhist practice to my morning tea and journalling to detox baths and books and meditation with the dogs in the afternoon most days…. the practice only really happens when I make something and everyday thing.  

Practice deepens the neural pathways.

the universe will back you up

This works for the better and the worse.  Like, in relationships: if you get into a few closely-set arguments… they will likely “groove in” as a neural pathway.  People who are skilled couples therapists teach ways to build and strengthen new neural pathways that are positive, and that are more enduring than the negatives ones.  You can change any situation, but the good has to be deeply practiced instead of the negative to make that the neural pathways that the brain picks easiest and most readily.

When you can’t actually practice, you can mentally practice. 

In Trevor Blake’s brilliant article, How To Re-Wire Your Brain For Success in Big Think, the vital importance of practice was demonstrated profoundly…but with a huge refinement: you don’t need to just practice- you can also THINK ABOUT something intensely as a part of mental training that re-wrires your brain!

 “In 2007, Harvard Medical School conducted a study with volunteers in a lab who were asked to learn and practice a five-finger piano exercise. A neuroscientist instructed half of the volunteers to play as fluidly as they could, trying to keep to the metronome’s 60 beats per minute, two hours a day for five days. The other half were instructed to merely think about practicing the piano, holding their hands still while playing the music in their heads. At the end of the five days, both groups underwent a transcranial-magnetic-stimulation test, which enabled scientists to infer the function of neurons.

The test results showed that in both groups, the stretch of motor cortex devoted to these finger movements took over surrounding areas. The finding was in line with a growing number of discoveries showing that greater use of a particular muscle causes the brain to devote more cortical growth to it. Practice rewires the brain. More startling, however, was that the same region of the brain had expanded in the volunteers who merely thought about playing in a disciplined way.

There are two big implications here: 1.) that mental training may have the power to change the physical structure of the brain, and 2.) that the brain doesn’t distinguish between a real or imagined exercise.”

Meditation can move you past barriers in your mind. 

When you meditate you also deeply change your brain toward the unlimited, the calm and the healthy.  The Chopra Center offers this meditation exercise that is quick and easy – and very effective:

  1. Choose a place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit in a chair or on the floor, using blankets and pillows to make yourself as comfortable as possible.
  2. Close your eyes and for a few minutes and observe the inflow and outflow of your breath.
  3. Now take a slow, deep breath through your nose, while thinking or silently repeating the word So.
  4. Then slowly exhale through your nose while silently repeating the word Hum. Continue to allow your breath to flow easily, silently repeating So . . . Hum . . . with each inflow and outflow of the breath. Whenever your attention drifts to thoughts in your mind, sounds in the environment, or sensations in your body, gently return to your breath, silently repeating So . . . Hum.
  5. Do this process for two to five minutes. Just breathe easily and effortlessly, without trying to concentrate. When the time is up, sit with your eyes closed for a few moments.

And while this is only the tip of the iceberg, it’s all you need to really start making a monumental shift wherever you’ve been repeating the same things that just don’t work.

The best way- and a crucial way- to reinforce all this change and practice?

Of course: change your space.

Everything you see can and should reflect all that you love, everywhere.

See it, feel it, practice it in thought and in action, meditate on it, pray on it…whatever it takes that feels visceral and natural and inspired…

Then, live it in your space every day.

Your world will start to reshape itself along with your brain to make all those gorgeous dreams come true.

xoxo Dana

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