5 Ways To Super-Amplify The Positive Energy In Your Home & Life!

May 9, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

Rose Quartz Dream by Peach Orb Art

(Rose Quartz Dream by peach orb / Lara May Meyerratken)

This weekend, I headed into an alternative universe of healers, artisans and the most gorgeous people I’ve ever in my life seen in one place (inside & outside gorgeous!) otherwise known as the yearly Echo Park Craft Fair.  After being filled with rare adaptogen tonics, turmeric tea, juices… basking in natural perfumes, layered in handbade body butters and handmade baskets… mind-blown by the most rare crystals I’d ever seen, dosed up with flower powered essences and spun into art bliss…

I went to bed feeling the electric buzz of, ” I am so happy to be alive and I’m so excited to dream and I’m so thrilled for every minute.”  I hugged my dogs, I read a chapter of a stunning book on cellular consciousness… I woke up with sparkling eyes and I’ve been drinking tea and smiling all morning

It feels thrilling… everything is thrilling…and I’m so inspired to paint now… and do some space clearing and…

I realize I sound like a far-out kook to some of you right now.

I’m a bit of a bliss junkie because it’s my job to tap into what works and share it with all of you. I just happened to tap into 5 things at once (!!!) that shuttle more bliss into a day… and I can’t wait for you to get into it all!

Even a small pinch of very high-energy change in your environment can be a revolution.  Stashing a mood-magic superfood ambrosia at your desk can flip dull days into inspiration, wild flowers can be wildly powerful wish-magnification… And on and on, the small changes can bring you big rewards.

Today’s ideas to harness superpowered positive energy can inspire your own amplified-joy ripple effect, turning your own world to light and magic!

handmade baskets

The handmade wonders of the world are incredible.  I have textiles from Nicaragua at home, a Moroccan wedding blanket en route from a marketplace picked for me by someone I love, Japanese incense from a village fills the air and my dogs are wrapped up in crocheted blankets from my birthplace in New Jersey, and an exciting “manifestation quilt” is being made for me by a talented client that has me in anticipation.  Handmade items are a vital part of enhancing and replicating and refining our creative DNA.  With every handmade art piece you add to a home you multiply the stories and love and energy and patterns that were imprinted into its creation.  Buy handmade and you buy a whole vibrant dynamic along with your artisinal goods.

charming florals

Rustic and wild flowers, foliage and art of Nature always wins big.   

Moon Canyon Flowers does rustic and wild on the higest level.  Metal baskets brimming with grasses, charming roses, sweet wild flowers and greens signalled such a deep desire to forage in the wilds.

On my big dog walk later that day, Bob and I clipped swatches of wild rosemary, Spanish lavender, multicolored roses and random sunny blooms from the sidewalks.  It’s that easy.


Remember: feel your art.  The art of enchantment is a real thing. Peach Orb Art had a table that drew me in like a magnet.  Her table was bursting with transparent, vibrant, delicious crystal art.  Even a small print of an enchanted image can evoke so many emotions, so much lightness and stir your sense of possibility so much farther than a blank wall or a “placeholder” picture or poster that has no resonant soul.

Feel the art around you and your energy will multiply.

place 8 healing crystals

And… then… I got a crystal reading from Azalea Lee of Place 8 Healing!!!

healing crystals

Explore the depths of crystal healing. Needless to say, I’ll be seeing more of Azalea and likely so will you, because she’s a treasure-trove of crystal wisdom.

Have you ever seen stones like these before? I spent thirty minutes ogling gold-striated snow white minerals called Astrophyllite, wanting to sleep on beds of frothy turquoise crystal.

Beyond how rare and mystical each stone was (there was very little of your typical crystal fare to be found here!), there was Azalea.  She picked me a stone and put it in my hand.  It was tiny.  It make me feel like I was made of confetti, so light and so alive.  She talked to me about allowing boundless creativity without any thought.  The crystal wanted me to know that.  And I wanted to know that crystal.

There are so many reasons behind crystal healing… ranging from sacred geometry to the energy conductive properties of certain crystal forms… and then, there’s intuition. Even if you’re picking a basic crystal to keep on your bookshelf to add a dash of magic look and feel, pick with your intuition rather than a list or a book.  You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with!

sun potion pine pollen

Deep superfood cell-food.   Tonic herbs & adaptogens are awesome.    Apparently, my body was craving balance on a deeper level, and I easily floated straight to Sun Potion.  Sun Potion Transformational Foods is something that the tapped-in superfoodies are well-aware-of… and I may be late to the party on this one in terms of a “discovery”… but I had a drink filled with Pine Pollen and adaptogenic herbs that was the closest thing to feeling Paradise I’ve gotten in a few sips.  Suddenly, Echo Park had a hazy beach vibe 🙂

Apparently, Pine Pollen itself is so full of nutrients that I was told by the glowing guys of Sun Potion that I could live on it, and while that’s not real to me at all, the way I felt with each sip was very real to me…!  It was like a party kicked off in my body with just a small dose of Pine Pollen and other Adaptogens that Sun Potions sells in all their glory.  From pre-mixed herbal mannas full of honey and ghee that you can eat by the spoon to a “cacao” hot chocolate mix full of superfoods, rose petals and herbs, there’s no shortage of dynamism happening at Sun Potions, and I’m literally thirsting to learn more.

alexis smart flower essences in love

Flower Love Power.  The actual reason I went to the Echo Park Crtaft Fair was to say hi to Alexis Smart and pick a new bottle of flower powered energy. It’s been over 3 months without flower essences in my life, and that’s a long time to be without their effortless grace and emotional humming vibrations.  Flower essences are literally “the vibration of flowers” and they’re very finely tuned by Alexis Smart to create layered healing of emotional/energetic imbalances.  I hit on a winner – so perfect for me at the moment- with her In Love formula.   For those of you working on a deeper relationship with YOURSELF first and foremost, and also with others, from my first drops I felt love bubbling up inside of me. I’m very in tune with these flowers, and at first it would take a few days to get the effects… but it was always worth the wait…!

You may not have a pond full of super-food tonics like I have a neighborhood grocery store with an aisle dedicated to raw artisan chocolate (!) and you might not know where to start to try energy healing potions or exotic crystals… but if you find just a little more high energy in your home and life today— those flowers, new art, some housecleaning— you’ll be drawn toward more and more bliss.  It really does have an echo effect.  Your new vitamins can help you project more happiness out to the people around you.  Your ideas may shift with fresh art inspiration.  Some healing energy can help you to heal others.

This is the kind of raining-glitter inspired living that is effortless and addictive in the best way possible!!!

xoxo Dana

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