The Power Of Trusting The Good & Bad Vibes You Feel!

May 10, 2016 | Prosperity

crystal love (rocks for the spirit) 

Every time I hear a science experiment about the way that waves of energy interact I get full-body chills because more and more, over and again, there are different ways that proof is being handed to us that good vibes and bad vibes are real.

I know, I think this same question all the time: “Why do we need proof, because isn’t feeling it enough?” That’s what my tuned-in friends always ask, and it’s true that we don’t really need “science” to tell us to stay away from the bad vibes and embrace the good ones.

If it were that easy, though, wouldn’t we all always avoid the bad vibes with certainty rather than waking up weeks or months or years later and wonder how we got into such a crazy situation that we’re in?!

Turns out, bad vibes truly cancel out our own greatness, dim our light and suppress life at even the most cellular level. This is very big stuff!

Today, some very big ideas and science about the good feelings and bad feelings we navigate through sheds lots of light on the idea of following how we feel more and more, even if it makes no “rational” sense. After all, we have so many other senses beyond our “rational” mind and those senses are all what comprise our experience of life. Use them to your greatest advantage and you’ll see just how much you really can guide your life into so much more success based on what feels good….! 

sending good vibes

(sending good vibes)

First off, the idea that we’re all a lot of buzzing energy is vital. I likely don’t need to remind you that we’re all energy. We’re all empty space, a whole lot of electricity and light and loads of spinning, magnetic energy. This is the most mind-bending science, very hard to conceptualize, but absolutely wondrous facts.

So, when the buzzing, light-fueled, energy ball that you are heads into a home or office full of disharmony, stagnant air or otherwise depressed space… what happens?

I’m going to let this explanation by cellular biologist and pioneer Bruce Lipton start the dialogue on this from the perspective of simple science:

“The brain generates electric signals, and if I put EEG wires on your head, you can see the brain activity printing out. There is another device called a Magneto Encephalograph, where the probe doesn’t touch the head. That device reads your brain activity with a probe outside of your head. You might say, “Wait! Then my thoughts are not contained in my head?” and I’d say, “That’s right!” The concept is, your brain is acting as a tuning fork and the broadcast from your brain is not located in your head, so you’re like a radio station. In effect, you’re broadcasting. Everything vibrates—energy vibrates and matter vibrates.

This is where the concept of constructive interference comes in, where two vibrations can tangle with each other, and both add up and both gain more power than either one alone. The phrase that we humans use when entanglement occurs in a constructive way, is “good vibes.”

The extreme opposite is two vibrations that are resonant, meaning that they have the same waves, but they are out of phase. It is a connection, but the frequencies are canceling each other out. It’s called destructive, because the power is now canceled for both people involved. And that’s called “bad vibes.” This means that wherever you are, the energy is antagonistic to you, and you feel weaker.”

The massive take-away from this: we need to stay close to the energy that we feel “in synch” with that makes us feel stronger. 

gorgeous flowers

Let’s look at the first example of good vibes from the viewpoint of simple feng shui: 

When you synch up with an environment or a person well, you’re both going to be bigger and brighter when you come together. It’s how I feel about my close friends who are really on the same kind of path as me. It’s how I feel about walking into homes that are so very “me” and feel like HOME.

That “click” of greatness creates so much life force. This is why feng shui- as we tune your home to reflect your highest self and greatest dreams and values and loves- creates homes that magnify your life in every way. The waves in your rooms synch up with you. Together, you’re unstoppable and huge and alive.

Now, the second example, bad vibes. There’s still a connection, but it’s out of phase.

So, I think immediately of a past big love of mine who sank into a secret addiction that I wasn’t aware of consciously… but I felt it. Because I couldn’t see “why” all the negativity was happening, I didn’t know what to do.   Acting on my pure feelings seemed to be so harsh…and scary… but I wish I did much sooner! We once were in total radiant and inspired synch… but now when we were connected, the vibes were so out of phase that around him I started to sink. I felt weak, ineffectual and totally dim, anxious and hyper-emotional and I couldn’t rationally point out quite why. Similarly, he felt disconnected while his secret self-destruction grew like a snowball.

I couldn’t “rationally” point to why, but the bad vibes were literally cancelling out my life.

Now: If we walk into a home filled with clutter and loaded up with mess it’s much easier to see how the bad vibes work with spaces to make you feel weak, but when the bad vibes aren’t that obvious, it’s far more fascinating (and common) to see the effects.

To use the home metaphor of the more confusing kind of bad vibes that might not make rational sense, here’s the stunning example I see all the time of beautifully interior designed homes where the inhabitants feel like strangers in their space that “looks” great. There’s so much in the space out of synch with the owners, they feel nothing toward the space or even feel “floating”. All the decorations are just stuff to see, some of it even overwhelming to the senses, and there’s a lot of exhaustion, a lot of numbness, a lot of “meh” even in the most beautiful space aesthetically-speaking.

If you’re walking through life relying on rational stuff like your conscious thoughts and proof and what people say and what you see in writing and how “appropriate” a place looks and what the data is… you’ll get only a piece of the picture.

In fact, if you’re in a relationship that makes you spin for no good reason you can see or a home or office that makes you feel subtly annoyed or frustrated constantly for no “rational” reason or you’re scared of a situation for no good reason… you’re likely to blame yourself. I know I have!

“There must be something wrong with me… It must be in my head… I must have a big problem…I must have irrational fear…” 

good vibe baths

I’m a lover of the good vibe baths, good vibe habits, good vibe scents… but there’s so much more to it.

Everyone wants to feel that harmony and that synch… but when it’s not there…. when the vibes are making you feel weak even if you don’t know why… when you’re not thriving where you are…

That is when feelings matter the most.

If you feel the bad vibes and you aren’t sure what to do…

Perhaps try stepping out of your house or office or even stepping away from a person for a while (even a day) and into a space where you feel really resonant and “like yourself” very easily. Nature is great for this. Most of us feel totally alive in the wild, or close to trees, or at the beach.

Return to the bad vibe situation and see if you can feel where things go weak. In a house I can usually see and feel the weakness, and my clients start to see and feel it the more connected they become to space and realize the things that bring them strong good vibes.

If you’re in a bad vibe place, you can either sync up again with things that were once in harmony- if that’s possible to do! – or you can find new places and people to sync up with that are radiant and life-expanding.

You can design spaces that have more resonance with you that brings out the strong glow and life force we all love.

And… if it’s not in your control or it’s not what you can manage, you can leave spaces where the bad vibes (or disrepair, or unmanageable issues) are too out of sync with you.

Forcing things to sync-up doesn’t work, because that energy of forcing is the opposite of radiant, good vibes. It’s just more dissonance.

Deciding you can still be your best with things that don’t synch up around you is your choice, but I liken it to swimming with heavy weights on your ankles. You can always choose to synch up more with the things that create that strength and synergy, and you can always divorce yourself from bad vibes that just drain life.

Finding ways to stay in sync to do things- like working with difficult people, managing challenging living situations- and keeping your distance otherwise (a skill that I’m still learning every day, known popularly as “setting healthy boundaries”!) is also possible.

The big deal here: good vibes that are right for you is what it’s all about. All the thriving, prosperity-making, loving and creating and growing is all about that sync of strength and synergy.

Bring your best self to the day and see where you synch. Follow those feelings. See where you find the energy draining away. Adjust. Turn toward more of the strength and light. And keep bringing your best self to the day so more people can have a good vibe magnetic synergy with you…!

xoxo Dana

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