How You Create Your Universe Every Day With Your Energy & Intention!

May 17, 2016 | Creativity

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I know that you know about the power of positive thinking… but there’s so much that I learn every day about the magic of immersing in it that I’m thrilled to share the science, and more science and more reminders because this is life-changing stuff reflected in your home, your personal energy and the way you feel about your life every day! Every step away from negativity and into fluffier, happier and more harmonious ways of living is a step toward reorganizing the universe to reflect your greatest dreams.

Intention is so powerful it can reorganize the cells in your body, and it can help them to survive and thrive. It can change the structure of space. It can lift up or drag down everything around you.

The practical magic of intention has been tested in so many potent ways and repeatedly it’s proven: we are super-powerful reality-makers.

This is the science and energy-shifting stuff that will turn your world to glitter and instantly give you a boost of light and focus!

mind power is huge power

Can it be possible that our thoughts, conscious and subconscious, are so powerful and influential that they can alter the state of physical matter? Could positive thinking alone help restore health, bring in love, and success? Could what we expect manifest, simply because we deem it true?

The answer is YES.

There’s a lot of science that is sooooo exciting about all of this, too!

Expectations are beliefs that something will happen. We desire and rely on our ability to try to know the outcome of our actions to imagine we have some control over our environment and our well-being. Therefore, when we expect something to happen, good or bad, our minds can do many mental contortions causing our actions to produce an outcome that falls in line with what was originally expected. This is that idea of “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

What you expect is what you’ll likely get. So expect good things! So much research has been dedicated to this idea applied in sports psychology, sociology, interpersonal relationships. What we expect for others (to fail or to succeed, to excel, to thrive) also affects their outcomes, too.  (*This is a great reason to stop worrying about people and start expecting the best for them.)

Intention is very powerful stuff.

Science has proven for decades the phenomenon called, placebo effect. This is when a patient is told they are taking medication to improve their condition, when they are really only given either sugar pills or saline water. They EXPECT to get better. Many studies show improved conditions with sugar pills or plain water that equal the results of patients who were taking an actual drug. Your mind is a vital player in healing and your mind can alter your physical reality(your physical health) to align with your beliefs, (IE: “taking a pill that will heal you.”) You can learn more on the science of the Placebo Effect here.

As powerful as expectations are, intentions can be even stronger and can have more of an effect on our physical environment.

An intention is something planned, desired and is driven by aim and purpose.

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You can intend to make decisions for the greatest good of your family every day. You can intend to constantly move toward higher levels of wellness. You can intent to be the most conscious parent.
You can intend to become a world-class athlete. You can intend to live with love guiding all your actions. You can think of intention as the quality, color and aim of all your energy that makes all your goals and dreams come to life!

Intention is your energy calibration. It’s your energetic focus.   It’s what you broadcast to the world every day, both consciously and unconsciously.

The Intention Experiments are a series of scientific web-based experiments designed to test the power and effects of intention. Lynne Mc Taggart constructs the experiments and works with leading scientists from around the world, including University of Arizona, Princeton University, the International Institute of Biophysics, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Cambridge University.   You can read all of them and buy both of Lynn McTaggart’s amazing books HERE, but to start, my favorites…!

1. THIS Intention Experiment blew my mind.  Lynne Mc Taggart and Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, director of the Center for Cognitive Enhancement, chose two of his patients that suffer from anxiety to participate in an experiment. The purpose of the study was to see if the intention of random strangers intentions could change their brain wave patterns. One patient served as a control for the study. Both participants were hooked up to EEG machines, to measure brain wave their brain wave activity. The intender, the person who was going to be sending their intentions was placed in another room and was also hooked up to an EEG machine. The active participant, the subject to receive the intention was then chosen through picking a name from a hat. All subjects were brain mapped before, during, and after experiment.

Through web broadcasting, the subject was able to recall an anxiety provoking experience to a live audience. The audience was then asked to send him the intention of calming down by at least 25 percent.

As this was occurring they could visibly see bands of turquoise on the EEG machine, which are alpha waves. (daydream, meditative state) They also found that signs of his PTSD were completely normal during the experiment and his alpha brain waves increased 3 standard deviations above normal during experiment.

And this one… WOW… will get your plants growing!!!

2. Psychologist Dr. Gary Schwartz and his laboratory team at the University of Arizona have been conducting a series of ‘Germination Intention Experiments’ to test the power and effects of intention on plant health and growth.

In this experiment they chose barley seeds to test setting up 4 sets of seeds, one actual set of seeds, and three controls. They ran a collective of 6 experiments, one via the internet, and 5 others in front of Lynne McTaggart’s audience. They asked the audience to choose one set of seeds and send an intention for those seeds to grow at least 3 cm by the fourth day.

“As an overall average, the seeds sent intention grew 56 mm, compared with 48 mm for the non-targeted seeds.  This means that seeds sent intention, on average, were 8 mm (about a third of an inch) higher than the controls. In contrast, the seeds run in the control Intention Experiments only varied by 2 mm.” (via The Intention Experiment)

It’s pretty compelling to have strong intention, isn’t it?!

What are you thinking about right now?

This how I first saw how you can reorganize the universe with intention. Vintage YouTube that’s still a favorite!

Where can you shift your focus?

Try some visualization:  Find a quiet place, where you will not be interrupted, sit comfortably, with your eyes opened or closed, and with clarity and focus envision yourself attaining what you desire. Imagine what you would be wearing, how you feel achieving this, how people are responding to you, what the air smells like, how your body feels, etc. Through visualization, you can strengthen your intention and attract what you want into your life.

Think present (& future) focused.  When we focus on past failures, we tend to expect the same outcome and therefore become a victim of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thoughts of prior disappointments will only weaken our intention. THIS is a great article on how to let go of past stuff that didn’t go the way we’d hoped. 

Research what you love.  Knowledge is power.  Set aside time to research what is involved or needs to be achieved in order to reach your end goal. Knowing some best practices and things to do to advance toward what you want can help you get there.

And keep spreading the positive energy everywhere you look!

Intention is everything awesome focused like a laser beam. This is what will help you to excel where you’re not sure what to do.
Positive energy is like jump starting a stalled car engine! It’s the reason I tend to avoid people who love their problems, because their intentions can drag the world down around them. It’s why I love nature and all it’s positive vibrations.

Practice your intending & gather up your most vibrant magic!!!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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