Feng Shui To Make A Big Positive Shift In Your Attitude!

Jun 15, 2016 | Creativity

(yang yang pan… oh these are the BEST art prints ever!!!)

When I get deep in studying and learning and getting lost in new holistic goodies, my whole world dematerializes and re-forms itself in such cool ways… and every day, whether I’m into aromatherapy or food or Vitamin C skin serums or hard-core quantum physics, energy medicine, philosophy or fiction, I see that everything is fundamentally a reflection of attitude.  

Your life sort of channels your internal attitudes in a pattern.

To change the outside, change the inside…and to make that inner change, change the outside.

See the big awesome circle?! Outside = Inside!

From the gloss of your hair to the quality of your sleep, love to money to the perceived amount of luck you have… it’s all a reflection of beliefs and habits that are conscious or subconscious and practice-practice-practiced.

If you want to change something, forcing it doesn’t work.

If I told you not to look at anything red, red is all you’d see.

If you want to shift the energy of what Dr David Hawkins calls “attractor patterns” that are coming to your life, it’s gotta be organic and it’s got to feel good or else… it’s forced. Forced stuff is miserable stuff. You won’t get what you want. And if you do “get” things, they probably won’t be fulfilling. After all, would you be romantically excited to force someone to marry you?!

Of course not!

But we all have tried to force things and it doesn’t work.

What does work: changing your attitude.

If you can identify with the bright side of things, you’ll have much more of it. And today, we’re bringing that bright side into your home and habits in a simple way!

What’s worse than struggling to force change is deeply and completely believing that you’re a lost cause and that nothing ever changes.

Today, we’re changing things deliberately.

Take a different route you’ve never taken. Walk in a new direction, explore a new part of your neighborhood, go left instead of right… Switching things up is really vital.

In fact, this now-Vintage You Tube is all about this luck-building habit:

Break from your routine and get your coffee in a new spot or drink it in a new spot… I’m sitting in a totally unusual place writing this morning… and it feels awesome. I have no “usual” things to identify with. There’s no “rut” and there’s no same-same-sameness.

I remember when my grandma would switch up the furniture in her home- which she did very poignantly- I felt like she majorly changed her life. She did. She got new perspective and things changed in a big way!

Now…switch up something that’s been static at home. The china cabinet that always looks the same is on my list today! The art that hasn’t moved on the walls in years? The colors of walls themselves? Switch things up and see very clearly that even the most stuck things can change.

The best way to change deeply engrained attitudes is practice, because practice makes things real and whole and integrated into your life. You can learn all the theory in the world but it means nothing if you don’t practice it! That’s why my world mets in beautiful ways as I study because I immediately start practicing new things and see where and how they work. There are always fresh layers of scent, color, texture, energy exercises, creativity, visualizations… there’s always some new way to access a new next level or de-clutter the bad attitudes and ideas I still have hanging around that are making a mess of my own life at times (!)…!

Every big attitude shift = more gloss, gleam, glow, luck, synchronicity, creativity and everything awesome!

And… practice is fun! My friend called as I had a DIY hair mask on and was researching ways to use Con-Tac paper to create art. Sometimes I spend a full night practicing Buddhism and painting, sort of accessing all the stuff I’m learning in art… It’s always changing. It’s always growing. It doesn’t have to be a struggle to make your life better.

It just really works much better when you’re consistent. Daily. Always moving ahead. Always in practice.

Switch up your home. Change your attitude. You’ll love what happens as life gets brighter!

xoxo Dana

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