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Jul 6, 2016 | Creativity

Creating New Habits That Life Your Life Higher from The Tao of Dana

Thinking is seriously limited. That is, it’s seriously limited because it’s reliant on logic. Logic only gets you to places that you know already, as Einstein brilliantly explains. If you use “logic” you presume from known “facts” and experiences what is possible and you sort of stick to the perimeters of what you know.

When you stretch beyond what you know, everything is possible.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent (or maybe still spend) a ton of time trying to make sense of things that have happened and use “good common sense” to prevent the bad stuff from happening and search for rational solutions to problems.

But if you’ve done this and the problems, habits and stuff you don’t want still persists- especially a feeling of limitation or a glass ceiling of some sort- you know that there’s something not quite complete about logic. And, that’s when creativity can become your best friend and ally and force of electricity and infinity.

Creatively changing your mind and your space and your life… that expands the field of possibility in huge ways!

spirit quartz from @thisthatandthese


If you roll your eyes when you hear that anything is possible or you’ve found yourself saying on more than one occasion that “people don’t change” then you have pretty solid beliefs on this stuff and I probably won’t change your mind about any of it.

That said: If you do believe that change is possible and you feel that anything really should be possible (after all, it’s a scientific fact that we’re literally making the universe happen with our perception every day!) then this stuff will not just resonate… it might actually help you as much as it’s helped me, and that’s my hope today!


It’s the start of all things. There’s no life at all without space, and our personal space- from our unique energy fields that animate our bodies to our homes and environments to every person in our energy field- needs to stay full of vibrance.

The magic all starts with creating very clear personal space.

If you’re looking to really expand the boundaries of possibility and make the kinds of changes that might shock people who are skeptically rolling their eyes… stay away from skeptics! And stay away from places, groups and the opinions of others that dwell on what’s not possible.

While you’re at it, take some time to create more clear space at home. The more open your life feels, the brighter your energy will be!

In more clear space you can start to see how your own less-than-healthy habits are being generated from you and what ideas and new ways of being could be of far better service to your unlimitedly cool life. This is where you get clarity so you can start learning new ways to be that will transform our limits into opportunities!

room full of plants by haarkon

(haarkon plants)


I can’t tell you how much my life depends on constant learning. Deep learning. Experiencing things first-hand. Reading the full book, watching the whole documentary. Instead of getting fragments of what you need, get the whole picture.

Some experiences aren’t pleasant (like my recent adventure in using sugaring for hair removal, never doing it again!) but they’re all learning. If you’re in your same-same routine, how can you possibly change?

Learn about the things you dream about, and learn as experientially as possible. Theory keeps you in the place of LOGIC and actually trying things and making things keeps you in magic possibility.


This is where I get very excited. Making simple things like curtains for my own home started a train of momentum where I realized I could make more art, pillows…more creative changes… more…

Make art for the sake of making it and you’ll stay in that zone of creative electricity.

Playing outside- from swimming and surfing to hiking and running and dancing and more- are more wonderful ways to stay in that creative stream, as long as you love what you’re doing!


If you want your home to stay clean, make cleaning a practice. If you want to master your new tennis swing, that’s a practice. If you’re looking to have a new reaction in emotional situations or relationships, believe it or not, that’s a practice.

All of this space-shifting and idea-expanding and looking to the unlimited is very much possible. Pick where you want and need to start and make space, learn, make and practice until you’re feeling “one” with the new!

This TED X video from Dr. Joe Dispenza is a wildly awesome eye-opener that YES WE CAN all change!


xoxo Dana

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There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!

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Gather up your magic & make gorgeous dreams come true!

xoxo Dana


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