8 Big Reasons To Create Rituals That Empower Your Days !

Jul 9, 2016 | Prosperity

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Rituals are the daily stuff that make life happen powerfully and, the keyword: consistently…!

Whether it’s your ritual of green tea and a journal in the morning (one of mine!) or a ritual of meditation and stretching, a ritual of skincare or a ritual of prayer, there are so many reasons why having daily routines that are very specific, tuned-to-you and really one with your life are so vital. 

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Rituals are powerful.

Do you have them? Any? One?

If you’ve been bored with a ritual or it ceases to be as effective, you can amplify it. If you’ve been slacking on a ritual, it’s likely not complete or rich or connected enough for you… but if you commit to making these rituals as rich, complete, compelling and magnetic as possible, they are magic.

For example, I wasn’t getting enough out of my morning prayers for a spell at home because my home was too noisy in the morning, so my new routine meant an early trip to the local temple. The skincare routine that wasn’t cutting it any more got a boost from a new moisturizer and sunscreen. My own ritual of journaling improved and became more fun with pens that I liked more. There are such simple ways to boost and personalize your own rituals if you’re stagnant, I know you can find your own best ways.

If you need a little extra motivation, here are just a few of the infinite reasons why these feel-good rituals matter.

Practice is what creates deep brain grooves. Anything you want to make a part of your life should be a practice, not a once-in-a-while endeavor. Practice makes things a part of your mind at the top of your mind.

You set or re-set the themes for the day. I know that just about any of the rituals I practice through the day can be a “restart” for my day when I need it. First thing in the morning, you can start on a high note.

You trigger lots of feel-great chemicals. Feel good brain chemicals are real and they get triggered when you do what makes you feel good. Simple!

You get energy flowing. When you’re moving in circles in your head, you’re stagnant. When you’re in motion, you’re unlimited. Rituals put flow into the day.

Consistency breeds long term, lasting results. You don’t always see how much you’re growing when it’s consistent, but start a ritual you love, practice it, and then look back on your life after three months or six months. It’s often pretty stunning how much is new and improved and long-lasting.

Self-esteem soars. Self-loving rituals a way to show yourself how much you love and value yourself and your energy.

You’re apt to be more grounded and connected to life. Routines are a wonderful way to put order into life and create more of a sense of gravity and balance. This is where lots of inspiration spills forth!

Your overall vibration is higher. High vibes create more prosperity in every way.

If you’re wondering what rituals you need, it’s as easy as asking yourself how you want to feel every day and what can help get you there. Energy rituals, exercise rituals, meditative rituals, beauty rituals, creativity rituals… you’ve got no limits to how much you can create!

xoxo Dana


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