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Jul 11, 2016 | Prosperity

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If you’re anything like me, you spent some time as an “adult” remembering how easy and free-feeling life seemed at times, and how unlimited and full of wonder everything was.  Living in LA and NYC for most of my adult life, there’s a certain jaded sensibility and habits that crept in, thought patterns, different focus…and those really free-wonderous-easy days felt like they were miles away.

If you feel yourself longing for the same sort of ease, the bliss of times when everything was flooded with curiosity, the talents and abilities that feel so far away you might have forgotten them… or never acknowledged them at all… this is for you! 


Accidentally, years back, I stumbled upon a lot of abilities I had as a child that I had forgotten, stuffed away somewhere and left to languish.  It wasn’t an accident, per say, but a function of doing a lot of doing. I was deeply exploring Buddhism, got a life coach to help me tune into my creative side more fully again (I am 90% creative side and it was languishing in all that I “had to” do…) and after some doing, I remembered… that I’m a pretty decent photographer since I was a little kid, I’m an innate producer of experiences (from producing local talent shows to trying to give speeches… I was doing it since I was 8!)… totally tapped into tree energy…

All these things I forgot completely when I got caught in a web of survival stuff that wasn’t really helping me to survive.

Do you remember things you did as a kid that were so easy and free and fun and you could get lost in them for hours?

Years later, actually quite recently, a whole wave of energy work cracked open a second wave of innate abilities I forgot that I had since I was a small child.  From reading foreign languages to writing fiction in a zone of magic, long distance running that was fun rather than torture… and so much more… incredibly more… flooded back to me almost instantly.

Trippy stuff.

I know I’m not alone, because I’ve heard hundreds of people talking about this for so many years, this recapturing of old gifts, inner children coming to life, a pouring-forth of greatness…And when it happened so suddenly, it was… so… awesome.  I imagine this is what people talk abuot when they talk about re-birth because it’s how I felt.  Re-Born.

While it may sound fantastical, it’s highly-possible!

Here are a few ideas to excavate your own hidden talents, gifts and inner-child passions that might feel way-too-far away….

Start playing again.

It was the book Finding Your Way In A Wild New World by Martha Beck that I accidentally purchased (thankfully!) that opened my eyes to the power of DEEP PLAY.  Play isn’t having cocktails with friends or going to parties, not this kind of play, though that’s all well and good.  Play is where you are in oneness with nature and life, creating, exploring and digging into the wildness of life.  Think: what you’d do as a kid.  Games, treasure hunts, crafts, art, sports… the stuff that you could do for endless amounts of time and never feel like you could do enough of it.  Picking up even one of those things from childhood (join a local sports league, get some art supplies) and going for it is where you can tap into more of the wordless oneness that’s like time-travel, bringing you back to your true nature!

chakra crystals


Scan your bookshelves & browsing history.

If you’re wondering where hidden abilities lie, they’re likely in plain sight.  Go back through your browsing history or bookshelves and see what you’re clicking, what you’re reading, what you’re drawn toward.  All the crystals I was reading about astonished me years back (I didn’t realize until my browsing history was so so so many crystals), and it made me remember all the early experiences I had as a child with vanguard crystal healers and energy work on vacations in California. I was tapped in early, but I strayed far from that world.  I started collecting stones and playing with them soon after!

Your bookshelves are also a key to the themes and ideas that encompass your deepest interests.

This is the simplest roadmap to your gifts and taents and passions!

Let yourself be quiet.

Constant noise is a killer of exploration. It’s really hard to tap in when your senses are being magnetized toward all kinds of other stimulation  Give yourself ten minutes – at least- a day of quiet.  You don’t need to meditate, just be quiet.  It’s awesome!  It’s also in that space that things bubble up that need to be cleared- like worries, fears, present time problems… and that brings me to the next…


Clear your trauma.

My big “whoa” moment came in trauma therapy.  Apparently, we all have traumas.  It’s a time where the world froze because we saw or experienced things that we couldn’t make sense of at all, or it was too painful to see.  Those “frozen” moments stay locked in the brain, and with that locked-up trauma moment is stored a whole lot of energy.  Our brains make many decisions to protect us after a trauma, which in my case, included dumping many of the fun things I enjoyed and did so well, so easily, so I could stay on guard should I ever be in that scary situation again. Opening up the blocked mass of trauma energy sent a flood of abilities back to me almost instantly.  I could feel them, see them, use them…I could access whole parts of myself that were under wraps!

However you go about this- counseling, therapy, energy work, spirituality- do go about it if you can.  It’s the kind of decluttering that is immense for your energy and your whole life!

When you’re tapped into your gifts, that “life of purpose” and “living with love” become second nature.  You’ll also possibly freak out a bit in a good way (as I did) to realize just how much incredible stuff is possible that’s already in you, waiting to be reclaimed!

Prospering more in every way becomes so much less of an effort and much more of an adventure!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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