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Jul 23, 2016 | Creativity

calculating numerology balance numbers from The Tao of Dana

We all have different ways of dealing with times of change and we all have different ways of finding our balance.  In the art and science of numerology, the energy of numbers sheds some light on how we personally find our balance, and the ways we might be able to make adjustments to gain more balance.

If you’re in the midst of making changes, my sister Nicole who is a numerologist can shed some light on your personal Balance Number today!  numerology from The Tao of Dana

Balance Numbers by Nicole Claudat

Hooray! We are in the Universal year of the 9 in 2016. As this is the end of a nine year cycle, it is the beginning of a whole new cycle ahead.

You can calculate the Universal year number by taking the digits of the year in question. For example, using 2016, you would add each digit together to reduce it to a single digit. In this example of our year, you would add, (2+0+1+6) and that would equal 9.

The Universal Year of the 9 is a time to tie up all loose ends in your personal life. If you left a job, had a break-up with a partner, leave it all in the past as you gear up to start anew. This can be a very prosperous time in terms of personal reaffirmation of your understanding of yourself. The year of the 9 comes with its fair share of surprises, as Karma will be returning back to you at this point. For all the good deeds done that you felt were unnoticed, this is the time the favor will be returned back to you. On the flip side, some misdeeds might karmically rear their head.

Stay positive though, even though you are reaping what you sowed, this is the ultimate time to turn your life completely around.

I believe an easy way to handle this transitional time is to understand your balance number.

In numerology, a balance number represents the ways in which you deal with challenges that occur in your everyday life. It is your intrinsic, internal, natural way of dealing with chaos. Some people tend to avoid confrontation, run from hard times and become a literal recluse, while others take challenges head on, sometimes too forceful, defeating their attempts to win the battle, in the face of too much aggression. The point here is to find a middle ground, based on the vibration of your personal balance number, to facilitate self-development, and growth in all aspects of your life…especially during transitional times.

Calculating Your Balance Number:

Calculating your personal balance number is simple.   All you need to do is write out your full name and calculate the numerical value of your initials.

Example: Nicole Ann Claudat. N=5, A=1, C=3. 5+1+3+= 9 – Balance number is 9.

If the resulting number is two digits after addition, reduce to a single number. For example 34 (3+4 = 7)

Letter Value Chart


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Balance Number 1

Although the 1 balance number would prefer to be alone during challenging times, it is important that you learn to harness strength through the support and love of others. Self-reliance is your thang, but you will benefit greatly from listening and considering other people’s perspective and vantage points of view. Be open to the opinion of others… you will likely gain a new, more fruitful way to approach challenges. As always, your strength and determination will carry you through.

Balance Number 2

Ahhhh…the two…the number that loves diplomacy and developing peaceful relationships with others. But, when this is your balance number, you might cower from confrontation. Your natural tendency might be to turn a blind eye to tension. Refrain from being overly sensitive, take the situation by the reigns and strive to create peace. You will need to be able to compromise in order to achieve the balance you desire, where everyone is benefitting. On your part, this will require optimism and courage.

Balance Number 3

The light hearted number 3, might switch it and flip it in the face of a challenge. Their easy going, optimistic nature, might shatter in the face of problems…leaving their charming nature in the dust.   Try not to get too emotional and channel your inner magic to gain the solution you desire. Take a step back and look at the situation not only in light of yourself, but for all people involved. Note how your positivity and effort can benefit all.

Balance Number 4

The number 4 is the ultimate disciple from the school of restraint and discipline. Take it is easy and control the anger you may feel. The number four seeks fairness and justice, which can cloud your approach to matters dealing with people and their emotions. Be forgiving, practical and understanding. This may involve stretching your perspective to take on and understand the feelings of others. Be compassionate.

Balance Number 5

“If I don’t think about it ,it’s not real”   Abandon this mentality. Use your innate creativity to conquer challenges head on, and avoid indulging in sex, food, drugs and alcohol as an escape from the reality of your situation. Confront your problems with the same fervor you wish to escape them. The number five always has the answer, but tends to be frightened by the problem itself. You’ve got the tools to overcome the situation, but it needs to be acknowledged before it can be conquered.

Balance Number 6

The number 6 is one of love, balance and responsibility…particularly when it comes to others. When it is your balance number, you can rely too heavily on the assuring, comforting, loving words of love and support from others, rather than actually dealing with your situation. Take more responsibility for yourself and let the good nature of others provide you with strength, guidance, and not a reason to shun your situation.

Balance Number 7

The number 7 is analytical and logical. One would assume that this number has all the answers, since much time is spent dissecting human nature with their keen analytical ability. Yet, as the balance number, clarity becomes clouded by emotion and self-judgment. Refrain from being emotional and look at the situation objectively…detached from the problem. There, you will find the answers.

 Balance Number 8

Don’t be manipulative. The 8 is a very powerful number and with power sometimes comes misuse of power. Allow your leadership and creativity to help you find solutions to problems, rather than placing the blame on others and making them feel guilt to restore your feelings of power. Remember, do not force your opinion and solution on others.  Think outside of yourself and consider the good for all. Your leadership will allow you to always find a solution, just be sure it’s for everyone involved, not just yourself.

Balance Number 9

The number nine is a very philanthropic number which loves to give and empathize. As a balance number, it a very understanding number, that comprehends all too well the woes and hardships of many people. As this can be overwhelming, the key to this balance number is to face these emotions, and be patient as the rewards will be reaped through the act of giving to others.

If you’d like to learn more about your personal numerology beyond the books & calculators online please feel free to leave a comment below, ask questions or leave a contact email to learn more.



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  1. Sheila Penney

    Would love more resources to expand on the balance number I. received which was 3. It really resonated with me a great deal.


    • Nicole Claudat

      Hi Sheila! This is a great resource for numerology, that explains not only balance numbers, but numerology really well.

      If you’d like, I can do free mini reading for you, to analyze how your core numbers relate to your balance number. I would just need your full name as written on your birth certificate and your date of birth.
      xo, Nicole


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