A Dose Of High-Energy Feng Shui For Building Your Creative Genius

Jul 24, 2016 | Creativity

art is coming together

If you want to create more of the cool stuff you dream about creating, there’s a bit of simple energy magic that can help you tremendously.

In feng shui, it’s the unobstructed, unchallenged, high-frequency flow of energy that we call chi. In life, we call this creative state  “the zone” or “flowstate” or possibly we call it nothing and we’re just so grateful when it arrives as though it’s blessed upon us by great luck.

This is the kind of genius luck you make in your environment: flowing, high-frequency, unimpeded, happiness and vitality is made by you.

This is the kind of stuff you don’t need to wait for or hope for or wrestle with endlessly.

Today, let’s add a dose of more high-frequency flow into your environment and keep the creative electricity raining down like glitter!

First of all, if you’re willing to suspend any of the fixed and possibly a little limited ideas you have about what’s possible, how much you can create, how “gifted” you are or what special circumstances you need in order to make great art or make anything that you want- from a new job to love to money- happen- you’ll be in a much better place to move energy freely.

Everything is energy. 

Ideas are energy.

Everything we perceive through our senses that creates our experiences and cause + effect (karma) is all energy.

Love is energy.

Money is energy.

Art is energy.

We are energy.

If you can free up the stuck energy around you, you’ll have endless doses of inspiration flowing to produce all great things.

Once you’re feeling the flow, all you need to do is start showing up every day to create with this energy, harnessing it to it’s best advantage.

expect great things

So, it’s all about energy… and that energy moves in accordance with the amount of clear space we have for it to move.

Positive expectations help to create clear space.

Believe you’re gonna have magic occurrences and they’ll come. You’ll recognize the great ideas, you’ll see the flowers growing on the side of the road, you’ll spot the inspiration and pluck these positive things out of the infinity of outcomes rather than plucking stuck, stagnant, stale and flat ideas.

Be wild enough to believe that magic is gonna happen every single day and I promise you will find so much more of it!

Create every single day.

If you want to make something, make it daily. Not when the Muses shine down on you… but every single day. It’s how you get the energy trained to move just like an athlete trains for the impossible-seeming maneuvers daily…

Plus, when they’re not training, they’re mentally training. So, if you can’t write for a day, mediate on the stories and how they’ll unfold. If you miss a day of painting, spend time really perfecting the process in your mind. This builds momentum which is a stronger, more unstoppable gallop of energy.

Find the places were energy is being drained from your daily routines and seal them up.  

Whether it’s a focus on the difficult past or on problems rather than solutions, musing on toxic relationships rather than creativity and positivity, the gathered cobwebs in corners, the broken steps, the car that won’t start, the lightbulbs blown out on the hallway, the desk chair that is insufferably uncomfortable and creating misalignment…

Can you see from this very small list(that could easily include a thousand things) some of the ways your own energy drains from your day? All those great vibes you generate from yoga and smoothies and gratitude might be drained daily by clutter, negativity, dark spaces, stuffy air… even before you set to making anything happen!

Shore up your home and your life so that beautiful energy can grow and you’ll be set on a constant roll of big steps forward, genius ideas and building greatness.

I can’t stress enough how many people I’ve seen over the years reinvent themselves as the creative geniuses they are all by unloading the heavy stuff and deciding to create and engage in the electricity and magic they committed to shaping. Creating businesses, creating families, creating new paradigms, breakthrough art, tech inventions… it’s all the same electricity and potential waiting to be unfolded!

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


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