Make An Empowered Vision Board That Actually Works To Make Your Dreams Come True!

Aug 2, 2016 | Prosperity

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Manifesting dreams-come-true using visualization and goal setting: it can be the powerfully artful way to create your life in your mind before you create it in the world, OR it can be a total waste of time it seems.

Many vision boards are… a flop. They aren’t exciting, they’re not specific either, they’re forced looking… they’re just not “visions” of anything.

Usually, it’s a waste of time when the board itself isn’t really empowered. It’s pasted together in a night, stuffed in a closet, and never sees the light of day untill you look at it and realize… you don’t really specifically want anything on that board.

Today’s feng shui $$$ tips are all about creating empowered vision boards that really work. You won’t want to hide them away, you’ll want them front and center at home because they’re so exciting and beautiful.

xoxo Dana

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