My Favorite Feng Shui Way To Make Huge Positive Changes!

Aug 10, 2016 | Prosperity

crystal grid

If you want to get anything done in a world of “busy” that’s full of distractions, you need focus.  Focus, however, isn’t easily found through “willpower.”

Willpower has it’s place… but it’s a kind of forcing, and it’s no way to live your life.  Sure, a little willpower can stop you from having a second slice of cake, to say no to something tempting that you know isn’t helpful… but that willpower can’t be sustained as a lifestyle exercise.

Think about it: if you rely on willpower alone to make changes, how much energy, effort and time are you going to spend in a battle with yourself? And how much of that energy is better spent on… creating a much more positive way to live? Or creating art? Or creating abundance? Or play? Or love?


Today’s feng shui is all about the message of the crystal grid above (!) that Energy Muse made inspired by last year’s Cash Camp: the abundance you’ll find when you immerse yourself in a new way of living. 


Let’s just say you’re looking to lose weight.

The willpower-along way to achieve this:  focus on what you can’t have, stick to a strict regimine, talk about all you’ve nobly sacrificed, stick to a prescribed exercise plan that feels brutal yet is “the right way” you’ve read about in books or seen in magazines.

You achieve the goal.  Then, you want to go on a vacation and the willpower starts to slip because it’s so much energy.  And you’re back at home and the willpower seems so punishing to start up all over again, and it’s just so much energy and… the plan fades away.


What if you decided to saturate your life with messages of abundant health and wellness? What if your pantry was full of delicious snacks that feel indulgent and really exciting because… they’er actually supporting this abundant health you’re creating? What if you decided to play- sports, swimming, walking groups, hiking- that felt inspired not just to lose weight but to experience life on new dynamics?

What if your home was filled with growing herbs, your spice rack filled with exciting new flavors, your drawers with your favorite yoga or tennis gear front and center?

Different vibe, right? 

Which one do you think would work out?!

Isn’t it funny that we’re somewhat conditioned to believe that brutal willpower is noble and immersion in a new lifestyle that feels amazing is some sort of fantasy?

Every single day you have a choice to create the day exactly as you want it to go.

You can re-shape your pantry, your schedule, your priorities, your activities… You can re-invent your focus not on deprivation but on indulgence and abundance.

I created online Camps and feng shui in ways that are deep in immersion because the old way of willpower and punishing-brutal-living  doesn’t work.

It never did work, actually, even if we’ve fooled ourselves into thinking that it was noble!

Right now: how can you saturate your life much more in the messages you’re looking to grow and expand?

I bet you’ll come up with a few, or maybe a long list…

Let yourself DO THEM!

Immerse. Swim in that love you want.  Dive into the art you crave.  Create a garden with the intention of manifesting a dream and grow that garden.  Surround yourself everywhere with the messages, the tools, the people and the energies that are your end product: peace, love, fun, wellness, compassion…

There’s no end to how much you can transform when you allow your life to look and feel like it’s much more of a dream-come-true!

That’s my favorite feng shui way to do make any awesome change!!!

xoxoxo Dana

P.S.: To immerse yourself in the light of joy so much more, my favorite feng shui and cutting-edge energy-shifting tools that I use almost every day are HERE for you in the Joy Immersion: 30 Day Negativity Detox! 




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