5 New Smudge Sticks To Upgrade Your Negative Vibe Clearing Rituals At Home!

Aug 14, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

sage wands

True story: I burn sage every day these days to clear my house and myself… but I also burn other things- from salt (more on that here) to palo santo to incense- to change the vibes of my home and my clients’ homes.

Ritual “smudging” of spaces with bunches of leaves, twigs or dried herbs is ancient practice that runs through the lineage of many cultures.

And, by now, I’m sure you’ve tried a sage wand. Or you’ve seen one.

Today, let’s shake up the sage routine with 5 other awesome herbs and leaves you can “smudge” with that have their own specific intentions to fill your home with practical magic!

smudge kit from etsy

(smudge kit from WomanShopsWorld)

If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of ritually clearing space by “smudging”, or why in the world someone would do it, start HERE. There are big reasons to do Space Clearing and the biggest: sweeping away the stale vibes and making room for the new!

And if you’ve never burned sage before, you can- for a short time- start the free feng shui wealth-clearing videos HERE that feature a whole lesson in space clearing.

Here are a few herbs to personalize your home smudging!

Juniper. Thought to promote the creation of personally sacred spaces, juniper is a beautiful to smudge with when you want to feel more “at home” in your home.

burning mugwort

(you can get mugwort here!)

Mugwort is the dreamy herb that is thought to help people to dream more vividly and do “astral travel” while they sleep. I love it in bedrooms, reading rooms and artists’ studios where a “dream” sensibility should rule the day!

Cedar. Protective and clearing, cedar is great to burn when you’re doing donations of bad-memory objects to cleanse their energy from your home, it’s great after breakups and it’s also awesome to blow the smoke of cedar gently over any vintage stuff you buy to cleanse it energetically before using it!

Here’s more on cedar burning:

And you can sign on HERE for the free $$$ videos right now for just a few more weeks!

Rosemary.  If you’re in the midst of creating new habits and working on new ways of operating and thinking and living, rosemary is awesome to smudge while you visualize, practice a craft or otherwise focus on the new.

yerba santa on etsy

(yerba santa from etsy)

Yerba Santa.  If you need to get over a broken heart, grief or shyness, some yerba santa can be your supportive smudge.  It’s also thought to shine a light on self-care and self-love for those of you who could use encouragement to treat yourself well.

Classic sage will always do the job (!) but exploring the options in nature and personalizing your routines is always empowering!

xoxo Dana

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