Fast Feng Shui For Making A Fresh Start In Any Area Of Life

Sep 8, 2016 | Creativity

make a fresh start Whether you’re looking to make a fresh start in your wellness, love life, finances, overall lifestyle, home, career… anything… there’s some feng shui energy re-setting that can help you make a truly profound fresh start…easily!

herb gardens at home

Chantal Moore’s pots of organic herbs for beauty on Instagram was the final sign I needed that it was time to make a fresh start with my home to set up several long-on-the-back-burner gardens!

I’m always working on changing something, and a fresh start doesn’t need to happen based on being in a bad place. You can be feeling great and ready to expand, and a fresh start will help you clear away the old and start with the new.

Here’s a super-simple way to fresh-start and jump-start in any way. Of course, the bigger the goal, the more energy and focus it requires, but even starting small (like my gardens) you can build momentum for the bigger ones!

What do you want be free of in this fresh start?  Name it. Whether you’re haunted by the memories of past relationships, tired of your habits of self-sabotage in fitness, want to get part creative inertia… Name it!

Once you’ve got that super-clear, walk through your home with the negative habit or stuckness in mind for a few minutes.  Notice every single place where you start to see that stuckness mirrored in your home.  Make a list.

There you go: you’ll have a list of everything to either change or donate or recycle. Work through this, letting things go.

How do you want to live when you make this fresh start?  Sit down and write or sketch or paint it so clearly that you’d be living it because it’s so specific.

Check your schedule. Add whatever comes next (if you’re running a marathon, add in your training, if you’re making art, when is our studio time?) to that schedule every single day for at least a month.

And don’t stop. 

Even if you take a few days off of vigilance, do not stop.

When you keep moving, you build momentum in your energy. That momentum brings such big flow.

Surround yourself with motion, put your energy on your fresh stuff, find the support you need from any and everywhere… and go, go, go!

Within a month you’ll have a foothold in a new pattern. From there, add a new fresh start. And another. And another.

Soon, that idea of “transforming life” is something you’ll have well-underway!


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  1. Dana

    Dana, this is a brilliant summation. I journaled all of this as I read it, making my lists and schedule. So helpful. So very wonderfully put – thank you. <3


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