5 Feng Shui Ways To Create More Success By Elevating What You Already Have!

Sep 20, 2016 | Prosperity

rose quartz crystals

Everyone would love a little boost.  There’s always another level to go higher in life.  There’s always steps greater to take.  There’s always a way to be a bit happier, more in tune and more helpful.

In terms of creating success in life- however you define that word “success” in a personal way- there’s always a way to deliver so much more to your day.

If you believe in the simplest of ideas-  you get what you give- you’ll find that the most uncomplicated road to more success comes from giving so much more.

If you’re sitting and thinking as you read this:  “I give so much and I’m stuck in the same place…” you may need a little elevation.   I know I always do when I’m thinking that way.

Today, let’s move toward a space of more success by taking what you’ve got in your life and elevating all of it just a bit more. 

Elevate your home with some simple makeovers.

You may not be able to revamp your whole kitchen, but with a simple addition or upgrade, you can have an elevated kitchen.

Try getting a new set of dish sponges that are biodegradable, try a scrubber that is long-lasting and eco-friendly, add some herbs and plants to your sink.  Clear away the stuff on display that’s in your way of dish washing and organizing.

Using what you have, you can re-organize your whole sink and kitchen to be more efficient, clutter-free and alive with fresh energy.  Tiny upgrades can take it to the next level.

JosephJoseph sink accessories

This new drain board, palm scrubber and cutlery drainer from Joseph Joseph started a kitchen revolution in my house.  They were kind enough to gift me many sink makeover products to try…and oh— what a change it made!

JosephJoseph sink caddy

This sink caddy alone was a major lift to my dish washing duties.  Super-simple… but what an organizing difference it made to have this space to organise dish soap, scrubbers and sponges instead of having them allover the place.  For $20.00, it’s a pretty simple investment to have such a big impact.

You can do this with every room of your home, making tiny upgrades (fresh paint, simple clean-up, easy additions) that raise the energy of your life considerably!

HERE are some of my favorite Nature DIY art projects. 

HERE are some awesome ways to make art. 

Have fun with these simple shifts!

write yourself a love letter

Elevate your communication.

Think of some ways to be more clear, concise and impactful when you communicate because we’re all in need of more connection!

If you’re working with a cloudy mind or jumbled thoughts, get more clear before you start crafting messages in business and life.  Ultimately, the energy of your communication will translate.

Take a walk, write in a journal, meditate, practice your spiritual practice if you have one… and get those thoughts clear and you’ll watch your communication become so much more impactful and resonant!

Elevate your “work on yourself”.  

Start with this premise: you are not a broken person, even if your life has been extremely challenging.  You are 100% fine right now… and it’s 100% awesome to seek more happiness, energy, creativity and clarity.

Explore your own best ways to fill your mind with more positive energy, to clear your heart of grudges, to untangle trauma, to open to more love…

the joy immersion I created a Joy Immersion (a 30 day negativity detox full of feng shui) that pulls together all of my favorite methods of building simple (and some super-next-level), happiness habits.  In the creating of this immersive experience, I realized how much more I could immerse myself in joy on a daily basis, even more that I’ve ever done before.

Are there a few ways you could sweep away some stuck stuff in your mind, body and soul and grow a bit more every day?!

Elevate your knowledge.

This one is easy: keep building skills. Keep learning more.  Keep on top of your game.

Sure, you may think you know enough already, but the world is changing rapidly and you can either stay in the flexible, creative space of learning or you can have your skills and thinking stuck in a few years back.  Or a few decades back!

Always learn.  You’ll always increase your abilities!

crystals on beach

Elevate your mission.

The more you live with purpose, the more energy you’ll put behind your dreams.

Chances are, your life purpose runs deeper than “to make more money” and… chances are that purpose, when more defined and placed in the forefront of your days, will make even the biggest challenges far more easy to surmount!


Put this elevation into play!

Just so you know, I’m with you doing this all the time.

Since my sink makeover, I’m ready for an even bigger space change.

Here’s my little list of small/big shifts: reuphostering a couch, finding a new desk and office chair that fits me, making some new art &  veggie tie dye for a few curtains.  That should take me into the new year with what feels, looks and IS a new home.   I’ve got a Buddhist trip to Japan ahead of me to raise my life higher on an energy and spirit level, I’ve got so many creative projects to bring to life my own mission much brighter.

It’s not a great investment of money, in fact, it’s very little money.  It’s really about the choices, habits and willingness to make the shifts.

Simply deciding to be happier and spread more joy every day is a massive revolution.

Success isn’t some mystery… it’s all energy exchanged.  Make that energy high and clear and excitingly magical…!

xoxo Dana

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