Why It’s So Vital To Design Your Space & Your Life…And How To Get Started Today!

Oct 17, 2016 | Feng Shui 101


In the ancient art and science of feng shui, no matter what tradition of feng shui you look at (and there are many, and I only use core principles and follow none), at it’s core there is a principle that is far-reaching and agreed upon today by many disciplines outside of Eastern Philosophy:

Your environment affects your life profoundly.

In a decade of shaping space to support people’s best lives, I can tell you that your space is your often hidden superpower waiting to be explored and used to the fullest to make your dreams come true.

Deliberately setting up your home and your habits to reflect your optimal life is not just a good idea or something extra, it’s vital.   And even if you don’t know anything about feng shui at the moment, today we’re going to explore ways to deliberately shift your environment to power up your life. Your space mirrors your life. That’s a simple and enormous idea.

When you decide to design your space, and to shape your days, you become CAUSE over your life in a huge way. You decide what you want to see, hear, touch, smell and experience.

If you let things fall as they may, letting things accumulate, keeping tidy but maybe feeling neutral or even detached from your space, you become more the EFFECT of things in your environment. It’s a more passive stance that’s far more common because we aren’t raised to believe that space matters as much as it actually does.

Here are some examples of environmental impact upon life:

Some people- like functional medicine doctors- look at the toxins and allergens in an environment and see how they can be the trigger for illness and stress. Some psychologists talk about the implications of clutter on our mind and body, implications that include weight gain, a rise in stress hormones and even a compounding of psychological maladies and depression. Hospitals have studied the positive effects of nature and positive energy upon healing. Quantum physicists and have explained how we are entangled with our objects and these entanglements can either make us strong or weak.   Cellular biologists – led by Dr. Bruce Lipton- have explained how, on a cellular level, we need to move toward love and away from strife in order to survive and thrive as beings.

This is big stuff.

You may not know any rules of feng shui, and I don’t care much for the strictness of them. I care about you and your personal experience of the places where you spend your time.

When you change those spaces to mirror who you are and all that you love, life unfolds in magical-feeling ways.

Here is the ultimate way to start to feng shui your home right now: 

Then, you can start getting more clear.   Clean, clear clutter & polish your life in the process.

And… you can… every day… choose to move away from bad vibes and toward the good ones.  This simple decision to move toward more good vibes can mean not answering the bad vibe phone calls, getting some aromatherapy candles, deciding to meditate instead of having that extra after-work cocktail… adding color… adding life-force… adding more that feels and looks great to your space every day.

Whatever you do, do it mindfully. Be cause rather than effect. This, all by itself, is a life revolution.



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