Why We All Could Use A Daily Practice Of Wish Making!

Oct 22, 2016 | Prosperity

Making time to redefine your day every day is vital.

I happened to go to a famous Wish Tree yesterday to make wishes, but it’s just a more elaborate and beautiful version the wish making I do every day now.

Wishes take all your love and desire and make it concrete, bright and beautiful.

Wishes bring focus and clarity.

Wishes also are a great guide— they show you where you want to improve and can illuminate a roadmap to personal growth.

Wishes are also very fun. And… the people who make them know that when they’re clear and they’re exciting, they have a tendency to come true.

Today’s Feng Shui is all about wishing as daily practice!

Create a bigger life in wishes.  

Dr. Joe Dispenza breaks down the awesome power of deliberately creating a life bigger than the world that’s presently around you in the introduction to a larger lecture .

The idea is: if you don’t reach farther and create a reality that you want right now (no matter what your present circumstances) you’ll be living a lot of the same of what you’re living. You can be bigger if you dare to consistently, deliberately create bigger for yourself.

After so many years of working with mind re-wiring— from Feng Shui itself to EFT and Psych-K and so many modalities of change making and visualization, I promise you that it’s worth deliberately dreaming bigger!

Holding on loosely and creating hugely. 

Here’s the actual box of wishes that reminded me of a treasure chest from a movie. So many wishes, thoughts, ideas and journals are stashed here. The box fills up and a magical person removes them all. The reason I thought this box was so incredible is that it represents… RELEASE.

There’s a quality of RELEASE that makes life transform more easily and without force. Make that wish and leave it in a box, a jar, a book… Tie it to a balloon or send it our to sea in a bottle. The vital part of this is the “letting go” part.

Let go of the wish and step into it.

Let your days be full of not just wishing but then, after you close your journal or drop your wish into a jar or simply finish visualizing… let your days be full of living in new ways with release. You’ve got the map of where you’d like to focus, so, now, go out and live that in a huge way.

Gathering up your intention is so important.

If you simply wander all the time, you’re missing out on deliberate creation because there are so many man-made distractions to pull your focus. I used to be averse to plans until I made one, reluctantly, and watched my life become literally overwhelmed with greatness and action in the best ways possible.

Morning: This is the best time of day to map out your day or stretch into new wishes. It is a pace-setting time.

Afternoon: This is a great time for meditation, visualization or a walk where you can clear your mind and get creative with your future plans.

Evening: Gather up your thoughts of all the great things you’ve done and celebrate your success and great moments. Simply reviewing the great parts of the day can be a huge momentum-builder!

There are infinite ways to wish. There are endless ways to gather up your focus, your energy and your power.

Make it personal.

The one way you’ll have enormous success is if you make the space for those dreams to flourish. Clear the distractions and clear the clutter.

Gather your plans and intention.

Keep growing the greatness.

It’s amazing how fast things will transform once you get into the practice.

Don’t get discouraged, get deep in your making and creating instead!!!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Darcy Goedecke

    Thanks for the great article, Dana! What a cool video too. It was great learning how it all connects and the neuroscience behind it.

    I am working on becoming bigger than I have been. And while I am getting there, some days I slip back into old ways of being and the creation stops. I can feel there is so much more I could do or become, but it’s almost… scary. To think of showing up that much. But the visualization helps!

    This was a great reminder and i intend to do my morning intention setting more consistently now.

    Thanks so much!

    • danaclaudat

      xoxoxo intention setting is so awesome I’m so glad this resonated with you!!!!


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