5 Feng Shui Ways To Create More Magical & Productive Days!

Oct 30, 2016 | Creativity

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While I’m writing this it happens to be a New Moon, which is a very symbolic time of fresh starts.  It’s so symbolic that every New Moon I refinish, replace, polish, restore or donate something- or many things.  Today is a day of new lightbulbs, refinished pots and pans about to get polished, and a giant Mind Map (more on these awesome tools HERE!) and To-Do list about to be seen to a brilliant DONE!

Creating a more deliberate fresh start is a big theme of  every season and, in a massive way, every New Year, but we can always raise the level of our production, fulfillment and that feeling of synergistic creative magic… all the time!

Imagine that you are the creator of the Universe. Every day you wake up and see what you want to see. Every day you can shift things, send love where it’s needed, find what you need, assemble big vision for the future in thought and action, help your body to heal, call in the people that you’re meant to meet…

That’s the ideal, right?

It’s also what we actually can do.  Right now. Some of it we do haphazardly, subconsciously, by default every day.

No one taught me that I had a choice as to what I wanted to experience in many ways. I thought it was luck, money, extra-special talents and other worldly qualifications that gave some people more magic than others… but we’ve all got it.   Some of us, though, never really develop these abilities or even come to see them as possible. We’re all equally able to be reality makers and generators, and we can all use lots more of the electricity of creativity for our own deliberate creations.

Start with strong intent. 

If you want to make a day great, truly see it as great every day. Decide where you intend to flow your energies. Decide who you want to see. Decide what you want to make. Even 30 seconds before you leap out of bed, setting that intention and vision solidly changes the dynamic of the day.

morning pages

If you want to get more formal, journal your intent, make a clear list or even review a vision board.

All of it sets the day on a high. That high makes things happen far more easily!

Lift your environment daily.

There are hundreds of ways to raise the energy of your home and office and car and pretty much every environment you occupy every day.

The fundamental way to lift up life: stay as happy as you can be and that happiness will flood the space around you.

Some others: House cleaning, clearing messes and turning on some lights are basics.

Can you see how all these simple actions make your home and your life feel better?

They also help put you in the driver’s seat of reality making, creating clear space for your own new creations.

Of course, there are traditional space clearing tools like burning sage that are an instant lift— for example: I do sage burning DAILY and it’s awesome.

Imagine greater.

Take a moment when you feel limited or stuck and imagine the possibilities are unlimited.

Take some time when you feel sorry for someone or worried about someone and imagine the greatest outcome for them in their situation.  (This is scientifically proven to affect outcomes, helping people defy the odds in many ways!)

Instead of loads of complaining about big social issues, imagine a greater situation where there are solutions and see if you can imagine how to operate to be part of the solutions.

Use vision boards, mind maps, art, lists, resolutions… every tool you can think of to imagine much greater for yourself and for the world.

Organize your time & energy.

Give yourself (healthy and non-punishing) deadlines & eliminate the obligations that feel forced from your life. I know that both of those are really big things to do, and each of them is a massive life change. The more you can gather up your energy the more powerful you’ll be… and step-by-step you will get that energy back!

Learn or experience something new every day.

To grow your mind, expand your sphere of influence and imagine greater for yourself every day, keep learning every single day.

This is the stuff that keeps life going up-up-up all the time!

It’s amazing how much time we can let go to mindless distraction… and how much 30 minutes of reading a book, watching a documentary, attending a lecture or studying a new skill can breathe fresh life into your life.

Reach for the stars, keep your energy high & flowing…and enjoy every day immensely!

Remember, there’s no mad race to get everything done.

Progress is progressive and those small steps every day add up quickly!!!



P.S.: If you’re ready to become a Feng Shui Professional this year, diving into the depths of this revolutionary Feng Shui practice, The School of Intention details are HERE for you.


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