A Huge Way To Make Big Lifestyle Changes That Actually Stick

Nov 1, 2016 | Creativity

make changes that stick

If you’ve worked really hard to get your time organized, to create a new diet plan, to break bad habits, to clear your home of junk, to improve your finances, to heal a relationship… and nothing’s changed in a meaningful way, there’s one reason why that could be tripping you up… and while it’s super-profound, it’s very simple. 

Change Your Environment. 

At one point in the past I spent a good four years dedicated to self improvement in ways that were at times punishing and immersive in ways that were not healthy for me.  In fact, I was so committed to change that I was driven to a place that pulled me out of reality.  I dumped so much money I didn’t have into chasing this transformational pot of gold that would fix me and make my life finally be “right.”

It didn’t work. In fact, it served to make me feel more broken and led me into a very hopeless place.  After all, when you’ve dedicated years to something and come up empty-handed, it’s not too encouraging.

While mine was an extreme example, I see this happening all the time.  The frantic immersions in beauty, in fixing broken selves, in quests to find spirit and meaning, in constant work with healers.  I see it in friends who spin in circles working so hard to make changes that it’s a battle every day.

What I never did in all that questing and work and spinning and circles was to look at my environment and see what was influencing me all day.

Your space can keep your mind stuck in thought loops.  Your home can trigger bad habits.  Your lighting can even foster a bad mood (fluorescent lights can bring on migraines and even depression).  And, that’s just the start…

Your environment also includes the people who reside in it, the plants, the objects, the energies that are unseen that linger in the air as entanglements… and more.

So, you see, your space is deeply vital to your everything, to life overall.

Cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton explains in depth in many lectures how the environment of a cell influences it’s survival.  Bad vibe environments for a cell chase life away.  Good vibe environments foster the flourishing of life.

That example of one single cell expands out and, with trillions of cells in all of our bodies, echoes into a paradigm of our survival: positive spaces create thriving lives.  Negative spaces start to deteriorate life on a cellular level.

This is a HUGE deal.  I can’t emphasize it enough.

magic forest

The simple act of cleaning your house can bring so many positive vibes to your days that enhance your thriving wellbeing.

Simple space clearing on an energetic level (that sage burning stuff!) creates a fresh start for the air around you.

The depths that you’re willing to go to clear your life of negative environments and people that you have no power to transform because they’re out of your hands (*we can only change ourselves, and hope that our change will inspire others…!) will have a profound affect on your overall environment.

And… that’s just the start, albeit a simple and good start!

If you’ve struggled to make changes that stick, I urge you to look at your space and see what it’s mirroring back to you.  Is it showing you where you’ve been too rigid, sticking to old ways of being, or otherwise in need of some attention? Is it showing you bad memories or the sameness that’s persisted for far too long making things feel worn and stuck?

You can make changes today.  Shift things around, even in one small area of a room.  Water the plants.  Feel the great vibes flowing…and then… let yourself organically explore the ways that you can shape your space to support your life and thriving. 

This is life-changing design.  Let it unfold!




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