5 Feng Shui Ways To Bounce Back From Disappointment

Nov 9, 2016 | Creativity


Having your hopes dashed isn’t fun.

Today, this morning, I wanted to share a few principles-  energy principles- to help with bouncing back from disappointment.

vibrate higher

(lalah delia) 

What you use force against will force you back.

Hate brings more hate.  And living in constant revolt against an enemy keeps your life small and stuck.  While some disappointments are so great that they are hard to see beyond, it’s vital we see all we can do to not rail against brick walls.  Often, that means finding new doors to use instead, new methods of communicating, new opportunities, new hopes.

Find the light and expand it.

There’s light everywhere. Try that daily gratitude practice: every day, express your gratitude for a few things, or many things… but do it daily for the next 3 weeks at the very least.   Work with that gratitude.  Let it lift you higher. It shows you what works.  Your attention will help that to grow.

Staying grounded is key.

Sleep, eat, forgive, walk barefoot on grass.

There’s always something new to create.

Disappointments feel like “game over” but they’re just the start. It’s like Edison failing 10,000 times befoer suceeding.  It can’t be the end of the world.  There has to be learning, information, adjustment and new creating.

Clearing space is everything.

Burn that sage.  Keep your side of the street— and your closets and your home— clean.  Clear away the complaints and the despair.  Clear away the negative voices.

Choose to keep rising higher.

Things sometimes go wrong, but they much more often go right!!!

xoxo Dana

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