Science That Proves You Can Change Your Life With The Power Of Your Intention

Nov 9, 2016 | Prosperity


Right now, you can change your life.

Right now, you can change your space.

Right now, you can change everything.

You can do this with your mind.

This is very big science, and if you embrace it, you can change your life like never before.  

intention creates reality

William Tiller, PhD, professor Emeritus of Material Science and Engineering At Stanford and the founder of the Institute for Psychoenergetic Science, proved that you can change the state of organic and inorganic material through intention.

He discovered there are two levels of physical reality and the newly discovered level of reality does not operate in the same way our familiar reality operates.  


There is a second level of reality that isn’t governed by the rules we’ve been raised to believe in. It’s shaped by INTENTION!!!

As stated in his white paper, “…from our experimental work of the past ten years, we have discovered that there are actually two levels of physical reality and not just the one with which we are all familiar. It is this new level of physical reality that can be significantly influenced by human intention – not our familiar electric atom/molecule level! The two basic kinds of unique substances inhabiting these two levels of physical.”  (you can read it all HERE) 

This is a mind over matter experiment, where mentally imprinting intention on a electronic device was able to change the acid/alkaline (pH) balance of water, either up or down, with pure intention as the agent of change.

He did this by using a intention host device that would be plugged into a wall, and the intentions would be placed into the device through the intentor being in a deep meditative state.

This intention host device then emits the intention into the air and creates and manifests the intention specifically imprinted.

Some other powerful accomplishments of this device are:

  1. This device eased the depression and anxiety symptoms for hundreds of people who were physically 1,500 feet apart. This was done over an 8 month period.
  2. It helped create skill sets and the ability of 34 autistic children to learn how to integrate themselves into society. It also relieved the anxiety and depression of their parents. This was done over a 12 month period. (you can learn more HERE) 
  3. There was also an experiment done (here you can see more) where 74 people eased their self-judgment and compassion for themselves and others.

You might be thinking: “I don’t have an “intention device” to plug into my wall.

Well, your whole life is that intention device. Your home is your intention device. Everything around you is that device. The device was just a yardstick, a measuring tool.

Right now, you can change your life and change your reality. 

Start getting into deeper meditation. 

Then, start creating a new reality. 

Sharpen that intention in your environment with feng shui in simple ways like art or a vision board. 

And remove every obstacle in your way as you go. 

This is huge science.

Nothing can keep you from what you want to create. You just have to tap in and claim your power to create it.

xoxo Dana

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