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Nov 26, 2016 | Creativity

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“I truly believe that every person is a divine creator. Independent of your race, gender, culture, social status, education, religious beliefs, or even past mistakes, there is a power within each of us that is common to every human being and we are all connected to it. This invisible consciousness is the quantum field expressing itself in all things. It is both personal and, at the same time, universal. It is the giver of life.” ~ Joe Dispenza

Pretty powerful stuff, and there’s lots of scientific proof to support this big statement.

We are able to consciously create our days and revolutionize our minds and re-write way that our habits are wired into our brains completely. Totally.  Fully.  Excitedly!

It doesn’t need to take long, it doesn’t need to be a struggle and it will reflect out everywhere in the world around you.

Our whole outer world is a reflection of our inner world and our thoughts, words, beliefs and actions.  Today, I’m excited to share some inspiration to start de-cluttering your mind and dramatically supercharging your life! 


I first heard of Joe Dispenza from a member of my de-cluttering Catalyst Camp who was very dialed in to the most advanced forms of quantum theory and practice for the last 30 years.  She said that working with his meditations opened up her life.  I was immediately intrigued, and now a big fan!

He studied biochemistry at Rutgers University where he also focused on neuroscience. He later went to Life University in Atlanta, Georgia to get a degree in Chiropractics. He’s one of the more science-grounded folks in the realm of quantum fields and manifesting new realities, and I’ve learned so much that can be practically applied from his work, it’s so exciting!

In his article, “Creating the Greatest Ideal of Yourself”, he explains the important principle that, “nerve cells that fire together, stay together.”

So, in essence, when you continually think a certain way everyday, you will act in line with your thoughts and you will eventually rewire your brain to create a pattern in your mind that will be a “hard-wired pattern” just to support your expectations.  The neurons will fire together,  reinforcing a habit.

He explains:

“Most people routinely think the same thoughts, perform the same actions, and secretly expect something different to show up in their lives.”

This doesn’t happen! The new doesn’t show up this way!!!

How you perceive your reality creates your reality. Your subjective thoughts (I.E.: your personal judgments) have a direct effect on the world around you and therefore shape your reality.

Therefore, by changing your thoughts, you can change your external reality.

While this isn’t a new concept to many of you, the depth to which we’re about to dive is very new for many of you, and maybe it is the missing piece or two standing between your awareness of a need for change and the actual change being accomplished.

“An intentional mind literally conditions and organizes matter into the blueprints of personal destiny. Hence, if reality is an extension of mind and your reality is your life then you might reason that by changing your mind, you should produce some identifiable changes in your life.” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

During his research Dr. Dispenza noticed that people develop a propensity towards their thoughts that become comfortable and normal, whether they are negative or positive. This can then create an addiction to these thought patterns, as chemical substances in the brain associated with these thoughts fire along with the thoughts.

These are some major guiding princinciples at work :

  • You need to become aware of what you’re mentally “rehearsing” in your thoughts.  Are you preparing for failure? Dwelling on loss? Trying to prevent bad things from happening, thus, fixating on bad things?
  • You are constantly generating your self-concept (your self-esteem and sense of who you are) through your thoughts.
  • Whatever you fix your thoughts on is what you will become, undoubedtly and certainly.

Ok, so now, loaded with all those truths and reminders, where do you go to make the change.

Start with this awesome lecture that shook me to attention in the best way possible:

And then…

Practice, practice, practice.

Of course, the best way to reinforce a change in your mind is always as simple as CHANGING YOUR SPACE.

Those blocks in your mind show up in your space as clutter in different ways. The beliefs you hold dear that aren’t helpful are clearly displayed in your space. In essence, your space reflects your conscious and subconscious mind and you can consciously use some simple feng shui (the Feng Shui 101 DIY Feng Shui E-guide can get you there!) to start re-writing the story of your space. In the process, you reinforce all the new beliefs and visions you are practicing in your mind.

This is simple yet radical stuff.

Designing your dream life starts now…!

xoxo Dana

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