Set Yourself Up For The Best New Year Ever… Starting Right Now!

Nov 27, 2016 | Prosperity

Wrapping up the year every year is a full-fledged month-long endeavor in my life.  But, because it’s also one of the busiest months of my year, I fit in the New Year prep in every way I can so that by the eve of New Years I feel far more ready to start fresh.

Here are some of the feng shui ways I’m preparing- wherever I can schedule in 15 or 30 minutes here and there- to set up a fresh year.

1. Clean beneath things!   Take a moment and peek under your bed.  Are you impressed by how clear it is or horrified by how dusty it’s become?!  Clean under… area rugs, major furniture, decor that’s strewn out on display… and you’ll re-invigorate volumes of fresh energy that was once trapped.

2. See how far you’ve come.  Guess what? Most of us don’t accomplish every lofty goal we set within the 12 months we have in a calendar year… but if you don’t acknowledge and celebrate how far you’ve come you’ll miss out on so much momentum headed into the New Year.

3. Accounting.  I start this one early December, accounting and more accounting!  I love accounting because it beings order and clarity to abstract energy concepts like money!

4. Get the simple wellness tonics flowing.   I am ever- so-into my hot water with half a teaspoon of cinnamon and a heathy dose of raw honey right now! Fire cider is also ready to brew.  There are so many tonics for wellness: explore!!!

5. Check the personal feng shui!  Feel your home…. is it ready for an upgrade?!

6. Loads of sleep, even when travelling.  (here are some travel tips to up your energy game on the road!)

7. A personal energy clearing. This one I put in the hands of Nature.  More hikes, time outside and meditations with trees.  Oh, it feels so good…!!!

8. Last minute personal appointments done!  I need new contact lenses at last.  Maybe you’ve put off the yearly physical exam or the dentist.  Now’s a great time to get it done!

9.  Beautification.  Because looking great is part of feeling great, and feeling great is part of looking great, don’t feel guilty in the slightest for a massage, a facial, a new haircut or color… nails… makeup.  I often spend New Year’s Eve at a spa in LA to avoid the holiday madness and start the year off feeling refreshed!

10.  Commiting to an even more clutter-free life!  The New Year group of the Catalyst Camp is so packed with renewed determination to clean house, clear up messes and amplify all of life as a fresh year begins!

That said, you can start to dump your physical home clutter on your own.  Dive in and start the sorting and purging.  With every bit of recycling and donating, you’ll feel your life transform.

Take it to the next level in Catalyst Camp and clear your home and life of all the clutter.  Transform things with feng shui and all your personal magic.  Feel how powerful you are.  Break through any barriers.

Let’s make this the best New Year ever…!!!

xoxo Dana


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