You Don’t Ever Need To Change Who You Are Because You Are Amazing

Dec 3, 2016 | Prosperity

Yep:  you don’t need to change who you are.

Not one bit.

You are exactly perfectly unique and awesome.

All the things that self-help, self-improvement and “transformation” can address have NOTHING to do with changing who you are.  And anyone who says that you need to change who you are is dead wrong.

You are not broken, you’re not less than anyone else and you’re not a mess.

Circumstances, habits, emotional states, energies, thought patterns and environments around you may be less than awesome… and those things can all change.

But you already are great. And it’s so important to start there.

If you don’t believe that, you’ll not “trust yourself” enough to clear the clutter.  If you don’t see your value, you may not think you deserve to make decisions that clean up the house, the fitness routine, the schedule, the toxic relationships.  If you’re not clear that you- and your very unique way of seeing and feeling everything- is totally OK, you’ll likely have a hard time following through on the things that make you feel alive and build your uniquely abundant life.

Today, it’s all about being 100% ok with you at your core. From there, the mirror of life on the outside will shift dramatically to reflect all your greatness.

Being enough has nothing to do with money or privilege.  I’ve had people tell me in private arenas filled with extreme privilege and wealth that they were broken, a mess and not enough.  I’ve had famous creators melting down in front of me, expressing their deep feelings that they’re not OK being who they are.

Being enough, loving who you are, feeling whole and empowered— it’s who we are. Naturally. 

Being really OK with who you are is something so deeply fundamental, and yet it seems so far away for some of us.   It’s so common for us to feel scrambled, wrong… even cursed or unlucky in some ways.

I turned to self-help, philosophies of change and all kinds of spirituality to fix my broken self.

I never got “fixed.”

Instead, I spend so many thousands of dollars, so many years of my life in utter pain and turmoil, so much energy, so much trauma and time spent heartbroken chasing an idea that somehow I needed to be fixed.

I wanted to feel OK with my deep emotional responses, my intense sensitivity to aesthetics, the wild drive I had inside of my to create things that would make me vibrate because I had no suitable outlets yet, the traumatic stuff that happened when I was a kid… I wanted to be OK with speaking from my point of view,  loving the things I loved that other people around me found strange, useless or false.

I had no mirror of who I was reflected in my life circumstances because I spent so much time immersed in the idea of my brokenness.   My whole life on the outside “looked” broken because I thought I was broken.

After nearly spinning myself into my utter demise- super-sick, super-broke, super-confused and at the very bottom of rock bottom- I finally realized that I wasn’t broken at all.

I just needed to clear away everything that wasn’t mine, wasn’t useful and wasn’t what I wanted.

It took some time to dump, clear, donate, focus, re-build and re-imagine life the way I wanted it to be… but it all took hold so quickly when I decided, once and for all, that I was awesome as I was and I would not entertain any more people, situations and philosophies that said that I was not enough yet.

I’ve seen this same thing happen with so many people over the last 10 years I can say with confidence that there’s something very real to it: you’re absolutely perfect right now.  Even if you’re not swimming in money, in your perfect job, relationship or health at the moment, who you are is gorgeous, dynamic, especially-brilliant and bright.

Your instincts are fully intact and your magically magnetic abilities already exist in full.

If you can’t seem to access all that greatness, simply and consistently start clearing, and keep clearing,  anything in your way.

The Catalyst Camp is coming for the New Year, and for the next few weeks the free video series is streaming.  The camp itself is 8 weeks of de-cluttering, letting things go any lightening up life in radical ways.  Even if you don’t join the Camp, I want everyone I know and everyone who feels stuck in any way to watch these simple seeming videos.  They’re deceptively simple. I’ve done the Camp four times with the group (after all, I am just as prone to clutter in life as anyone else!), and each time, these core principles uncover a whole new layer of all my own greatness that was hiding under old ideas, old patterns, stuff that’s stuck around too long, and energies that no longer felt good to keep close.

You can sign up HERE to grab them now. 

And right now, today, you might want to take a moment to speak out loud, write in a journal or talk in a mirror to yourself and let yourself know all about all of your amazingness.  Include all the great ideas you have, all your talents, how fantastic you are at interesting things, your special ways of seeing the world, all of it.  Look at it every day or repeat it every day until you see more of it rising to the surface and out of anywhere it might have gotten blanketed by the clutter of everyday life.

It’s time to come out and shine.


xoxo Dana



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