Everything Awesome Thing You Can Imagine Can Become Real!

Dec 15, 2016 | Sensory Goodness

You know, everything from the electronic device you are reading this on to the ground under your feet is a product of creative imagination.

“But…” you might thing, the ground is part of the Earth and science says we walk on it because of gravity and science – and very genius intelligence- made my electronic device…”

Luckily, so that we all believe it well,  science also says that we also create our own reality. So does Feng Shui, modern philosophy and the proof of thousands of inventors and Outliers who have blazed unbelievable trails on the planet.

Every single thing you can imagine can be real!!!

I love this grounded, brilliant tree.  It’s rooted in nature and yet painted in fantasy.

That’s how we best operate, too.

When we get grounded and clear and start to see our imagination’s greatest visions as possible, they are actually already in the process of being created.

In feng shui, the cycle of all creation is displayed in the element cycle that flows in this way:

water (the idea phase) to wood (the active dong phase) to fire (where you build momentum) to earth (where you celebrate successes) to metal (where you curate and refine things)…

And: all of this works simultaneously.

The moment you play with an idea and start creating it, you kick cycles into action, you summon all the elements to start assembling and the flow of chi (life force) takes hold in the process.

The reason why all our dreams don’t manifest according to the element cycle is imbalances and disruptions.  

We actively block our action with deep doubts and karmic patterns.

We shortchange ourselves of energy and burn out with not enough fire to use on hand.

We don’t want to make the decisions (metal energy) that refine the process and take life to a higher level.

But:  if you do nurture your dreams and ideas and develop them, and you stay balanced in life so that you don’t collapse the element cycle with a deficiency or interruption, they will become real!

There’s incredible research that show that out thoughts can shape our body and our life.  We can even “train physically” by “training mentally.”

As I previously posted: A study at Harvard compared students learning a melody on a piano using either physical practice, or simply visualizing themselves playing the melody. The group using physical practice played the melody 2 hours a day over 5 days. The other group envisioned it. It was found that the brain changes in both groups reflecting the wiring of a new habit into the brain were nearly identical.

This is so so so powerful.

Can you imagine how much more rich, dynamic, abundant and thrilling your life would be if you allow yourself to imagine the greatest things ever, consistently and constantly?!

Pretty astonishingly amazing.

Here are some of the vital take-aways of my own decade of “personal science” investigation working with thousands of people to change their homes, lives and paradigms:

We all doubt and question, but getting emotionally obsessed with doubt destroys the dream-come-true cycle.

It’s ok to get a little sidetracked, but when you stop visioning your life clearly, you stop creating it.  Just like the piano practice detailed above, it’s important to take the time to work with your visions. 

You do still need to “do” things in the real world, but with a compelling vision and a lot of faith in the process, you won’t be pushing yourself to do things…you’ll want to do them!  The element cycle flows smoothly, and there’s no “extreme forcing” involved. 

Do you need to create a smoother-flowing life?

We all do, always.

It’s a practice.

Smooth flowing lives require that you keep their pathways clear, sort of like keeping roads clear during the thick of snowstorms.  You can’t just plow once and let the snow fall continually.  You need to keep plowing, shoveling and salting the roads before the ice and snow gain more solid mass and become a bigger obstacle.

Do you see how that could happen in day-to-day life?

Ignore a pile of paper, a basket of laundry or a relationship issue long enough and you’ll see the obstacles that build.

Daily practice of clearing life will build momentum to keep life open to receiving!

Now, I do space clearing, cleaning and decluttering on every level (mental, physical, emotional, at home, karmically, energetically) every single day, and I find myself doing even more of this clearing the more my dreams in my own life come true.

The reason: We all require space as we grow.  You needed a bigger-sized wardrobe as you grew up as a kid, right?  Just because we’re physically grown doesn’t mean we’re done growing.  In fact, for every new endeavor, commitment, gift you receive or idea you decide to nurture, you need space.

Space bring you more flow and balance. It will help you imagine the biggest dream-come-true.

So… to take charge of your reality-making and bring the biggest, boldest visions to life:

Imagine them daily  + Clear space for them daily


Here’s to making the most incredible life you could ever imagine!!!

xoxo Dana

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