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Jan 10, 2017 | Prosperity

blue succulent

An easier way to live a more prosperous life is the dream, isn’t it?

While there’s no one-size-fits-every-dream proposition that tells you every step to take for foolproof abundance (how boring would that be, anyway?!) there are sustainable ways to succeed in your endeavors and there are unsustainable ways to have success now at a higher price.

Today, let’s talk about the way to prosper in all ways, without sacrificing your wellness, love, growth, happiness or adventure or anything else vital to thriving!   sunset feng shui Having taken the time to drive out to the beach and see the waves and art on the shore and the energy of the boardwalk I never see enough of in Venice, taken the time to walk my dog slowly so I could see magical blue succulents in full color from the rain, taken the moments to explore seedlings and baby veggies for my new garden… to see friends, to talk to old friends, to cook dinners in a lush way… I realize that this stuff isn’t a luxury.

This is part of life.  This is what makes me understand success and appreciate and connect and feel and want to keep creating. Your time for you and for all of life (not just one or two parts of it) is non-negotiable in my far-less-distorted view of success than it used to be.


This is the feng shui bagua map for homes.  This map was created to create optimal survival thousands of years ago and was passed down through history…. because it works!  Notice that Health is the center of all things, that Legacy, Creativity and Compassion have their own areas of the map because they are so vital…

Most people contact me because they want the top line of the map- money, fame or love.

I get that.  It’s all very real.  I have been there.

I didn’t realize for a long time that wellness, creativity, compassion, family time, time to cultivate wisdom… that this was actually the vital stuff to having money, fame or love.

I’d venture to say that most of us are sold the “high ticket” version of success— everything gets put on the back-burner for work, power and sometimes relationships (including workouts, family, leisure time, nutrition, adventure and learning and personal wisdom and so much more…) and then, after working like wild-crazy or single-mindedly focusing,  you get to indulge in all the other stuff.

In this plan for success, coffee replaces sleep, physical body pain and tension is cured with any quick fix, balance seems miles away and actual success, acknowledgement and relationships take on a supernatural color of attachment that makes them full of stress.  We start saying things like, “this relationship HAS TO work…” or “this job HAS TO be for me…” or “I MUST finally make this much more money…” and so, suddenly, success and prosperity are super-daunting and loaded with fear and force.

I have been there, so many times, and some recently enough in ways that still speak loud and clear to me.

Have you been there?  Are you in a place where so much focus is on one part of life that the rest is… kind of… just floundering… and your eggs are all in one basket and you’re starting to feel the pressure and tension?

kale seedlings

Albert Einstein said, ” Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better.”

That’s where I started to unfold the conundrum of success as a daunting, stressful, tense situation and found the easier, lighter, more truly balanced version of prosperity.

I once worked in an office where taking 10 Advil a day was normal for many people there, where 6 coffees and drinks every night was the work-social norm (plus, the life-draining drugs) and this isn’t sustainable.  I saw 30-year-olds getting major surgeries, kids out of college running on adrenaline until they had meltdowns, and adults who “had it made” headed into a series of medical and psychological crisis.  This is what we’ve been viewing as normal in many ways… pop a pill, have some cocktails, work harder, go faster, feel proud about how busy you are…

You can’t sustain this.  No one can sustain this.  The long game with this is not a pretty one.

Nature doesn’t drive itself into destruction.  Nature wants to survive and thrive organically.  It stretches toward the sun, it adapts, saves up energy, acts resourcefully and rests as needed.  It’s not frantic.  It’s not stuck in loops of thoughts and driven by fears or desires that are overwhelming… it’s organized in rhythm, harmony and peace.  It’s art.  It’s creativity.  It’s collective.  It’s balanced.  It’s easy.

If you’ve been feeling off-kilter, or stuck in cycles where your life is highly focused on just one or two things to the detriment of all else, start balancing your energy now.

Flow time and energy into neglected areas of life.  More charity work, more dating and socializing, more family time, more exercise…

Put wellness before all other things.  Staying in wellness will keep you in flow.  Stand more, walk more, get a fitness tracker and make it a game.  Eat what is vibrant and feels full of vitality.  Get a health coach.  Find a sport you love.

Create balance at home.  Bring in more nature so that you constantly feel this connection.

Walk away from tension.  Now, if I am typing or working and I feel tense or stuck, I walk away for a while and breathe and stretch or take Bob outside.  If I’m tempted to stay up late to finish a project, I shut the computer and see a friend or take a detox bath.  Habits of tension are not habits of success.  In fact, you’ll start linking success with pain, and that is not fun!

Acknowledge and celebrate all you gain and experience from all of life.  For me, growing plants, doing yoga, making art and spending time with more people I love are ways to view “success.”

I’ve seen it hundreds of times and living it I can tell you, the more fully rounded your life feels, the easier all that traditional “success” comes, too!

xoxo Dana

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