Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Add Calm To Your Day

Jan 11, 2017 | Creativity

I’m a big fan of ease these days.  In fact, I took so many days off of writing the blog to reset my own easy rituals that I’m feeling deep joy being back here writing again (!!!) but I realized that from a place with tension building I couldn’t share great things with you.  Deep inspiration, real creative electricity– it springs from openness and peace, not frantic, to-do-list-robotic or overwhelmingly-imbalanced days.

Join me? Let’s sweep life of the tension and let that artistic genius flow freely!

When tension builds it’s sometimes subtle until suddenly your shoulders are up against your ears, your back is in a knot, your head feels spinning or you’re just… really exhausted.   When there’s too much noise or action, we get into a state of hyper-stimulated yang: there’s too much energy and not enough flow for it to do anything but build up as aches, pains, emotional roller-coasters and all the stuff that we don’t need!

I’ve made a contract with myself to put softness as a priority: Breathing into tension, space clearing, resting enough, spending time outside, making even more room for love… and it’s making all the difference in the world!!!

1. Breathing Deep & Everywhere.  During a yoga class streaming into my house one night – (yes, this is how I do yoga now and it’s brilliant for me: I stream bedtime yoga for about 45 minutes at the end of the day and I look forward to it all day!) – the guide said that the point of yoga was to move your breath through your whole body.  Now, I do that throughout the day.  If I’m feeling tense, I breathe into that part of my body.  If I’m feeling uninspired,  I walk away and breathe for a few minutes, imagining the breath is full of color and light.  Simple stuff, but it’s amazing.

THIS breathing exercise makes me feel balanced and integrated when there’s lots going on:

2. Light Something: With The Intention To Clear. What do I mean by this?  Don’t just light a candle, light it and set an intention that it will help clear away the energies that are frantic or don’t belong in your space.  Do the same when you light a lamp, when you light incense, when you light sage… Let it all be done with the intention to clear what you don’t need.

3. Eat more super-nutrients that are simple.  I’ve learned so many awesome things about food and emotions and connection from The Medical Medium.  These frozen wild blueberries that I now eat daily are just a small part of all I’ve learned about the super-nutrients that are life changing.  His free Healing Path Course (*no one is paying me to write this, I just really enjoy it!) was an eye-opening evening of listening.

4. Grounding.  I can’t express enough the importance of sinking your feet into the ground, feeling the Earth beneath them, and practicing exercises that ground you.  The simplest one I know: go take a walk outside.  HERE are more ideas to help you get grounded and stay grounded all day.

5. Organize.  Lot’s of people perceive huge problems that are just… disorganization.  Get yourself organized and make it something you do daily.  This- all by itself- will be a game-changer for you!

Does this all sound too easy?

That’s good!

If it sounded too hard or complex or daunting, you would find reasons not to do it!

Simple works!  It’s also super-freeing and so fun to feel the peace.

Prioritize CALM.  Let that softness open up your life as that’s the energy of receptivity, where all the good stuff flows in!!!



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