One Practical Way To Choose Happiness & Light Up Your Days!

Jan 17, 2017 | Creativity


Circles are powerful symbols of many things popular in ancient times that have fallen out of mass consciousness- concepts like: infinity, the power of the sun, the oneness of all of us, the universal cycles of life…

Think about it- when’s the last time you had a long talk or read an article online in a newspaper all about our infinite existence?  When’s the last time, actually, that you went to a museum or read a book in depth about something out of the ordinary or watched documentaries that enriched your life?

I ask myself these questions often as I wade through the social media feeds and talk with people about their days and do errands and… unless I make it a point, there aren’t lots of readily available conversations on a daily basis about the things that are bigger, or more intricate, more thought-provoking…

But if you seek out these experiences, these conversations, questions, art and ideas, they can open the door to so much richness and depth and really enchanted dimensions of every day.

Your curiosity and wonder can raise a day from ordinary to extraordinary, every single day.

I don’t have all the answers to happiness by a long shot, but this real drive to know and experience and really master life in your own ways is the best method of “choosing happiness” that I’ve ever seen.

Lots of clients are seeking more peace and more happiness.

I mean, lots of all of us are seeking that enlightened feeling.

When I first read that happiness was a choice, I thought, “Sure, philosophically it is.  But what does that look like in daily life?”

Big question.

We all have our keys to happiness, the stuff that taps us into our genius and greatness.

You don’t have to be a philosopher or an academic to do this, but… what would happen if you seek to master what you love to do and know about?   With that kind of depth of engagement- even in your free time, the slow days or the few minutes a day you can find- seeking to master things brings a whole new energy of mission to what you’re doing.

Master your passions.  Even if it will take decades!

Think about it:

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m just writing some stuff and we’ll see what happens.  I’ve been messing around with a few short stories.   I love to write but it’s, you know,  just a hobby because I can’t pay the bills…”


“What are you doing?”

“Mastering my short story writing!  I don’t have tons of time, but I’ve got a few stories that are looking good and once I get into this I just know I can get better at character development soon,  then I’m going to start working on a novel.”

Both are the same actions, but the bottom one feels way more engaging, right?  It feels more exciting. It’s the same amount of time spend, the same daily actions, the same amount of energy… but when the person on the bottom sits down to write, I bet you that they’re choosing happiness, even if they don’t realize it!

It’s been the fail-safe way for me to find happiness is the darkest days and it’s been the guiding principle in a practical way for me to help people to make that happiness choice for themselves:

Dig into the meaningfulness of life & decide to master what you love.

True story: I wasn’t getting paid to know anything about art when I graduated from school and had no jobs that had anything to do with art for a long time, but I sought to know everything.  And, as it so turned out, I wound up knowing much more than many of the curators, the gallerists and critics at the time (quietly, so no one would resent me too much!)… and that passion for knowing was what started the little Tumblr blog that accidentally became all that I do now.

It wasn’t that I was so special, lucky or had extraordinary secrets… I just sought to really master something I loved.  And that kept me going through the heart-heavy days, the most miserable jobs and the freakish times where I had no idea what I was going to do next.  That want of mastery kept me asking questions, meeting people, taking risks, having experiences as wild as a 10 million dollar giant, lost Pollock painting rolled out in my hands, laying over my feet in a cottage in Topanga Canyon, painting in artists studios I idolized, cruising speedboats with collectors in Venice, creating art fairs… and… ultimately… brought me to here.

I’m also not feng shui “gifted.” I couldn’t even read a floor plan for the first few years as they give me headaches sometimes!  But… I am totally obsessed with mastering all the ways I can help you change your life by changing your environment, and not really much of them any more rely on feng shui, but more of an expanded method I use now because my obsession spanned a decade so far…

All this is to say: you can seek to master things you love just for the fun of it, even with no career path in sight!

Plus you don’t have to be happy only when you have it all figured out.  You know that, but I have to say it again.

And you certainly don’t have to settle for going through mechanical motions to get certain results in order to “have things”.

Rather… try to infuse what you love into your days with a desire to master it. Instead of the hobby, it’s a whole special universe, even if you can only enter it for a short time every day or week.  That energy will grow like the best snowball ever!!!

Allow yourself to be that grandiose to think you can master painting or drawing or gardening or bee keeping or running or yoga or cooking or whatever else you love.  Allow yourself to get into that depth of question-asking, research, practice, geeking out over tools and seeking out great teachers.

You might not even be able to touch your toes now, but in 5 years you could be leading a movement in fitness if you have that desire and allow yourself to follow it just for the sake of following it.

Can you imagine how much more depth and color and richness will flood into your life if you took the simple step of letting a hobby that fills you with joy be what you seek to master?!  It doesn’t matter how long it takes, every single day will be so much fun, it will blow your mind.

And yes, you’ll be on your way- at least one way- of practically choosing happiness every single time you dive in.

xoxo Dana


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