10 Feng Shui Ways To Keep Life Clear Of Self-Created Energy Blocks & Obstacles!

Jan 26, 2017 | Prosperity

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Are you creating your own difficulties?

I certainly know a few ways that I have been, and I’m so aware now that I’m making a change.

Right now, if I look at the abundant national news for more than a few minutes to stay informed, I risk building something of a mountain of negative motion. One thought lingered on too long pulls toward it make other thoughts and suddenly a mountain of negative thoughts are in motion. Then, if I sit down to write, to practice my spiritual practice, to talk to a friend, to eat, to do anything… I am carrying a kind of energy with me that is an obstacle to all good things.

This is one of the ways I’ve been building obstacles in my own days that don’t need to be there.

Whether it’s too much coffee, sugar, toxic friends or unhelpful habits… Have you been doing this in some way?

While it’s philosophical to say that we create all of our obstacles in life, I think that’s a very overwhelming concept applied to practical action.  Instead, let’s think simply, pragmatically and easily today about the obstacles we see we’re creating that don’t need to be there.

By removing the obvious energy blocks from the day, things are far more fluid and positive momentum (aka: feeling awesome, getting things done, excitement, focused energy) is so much easier!

1. Let go of the force against things. What do I mean by this? When you come up against an idea, circumstance or situation that is an obstacle… instead of getting angry, honking the horn, fighting back… what if you could stay neutral and see if there’s a detour to take ahead, if there’s an alternate path or another method to approach things that’s not blocked?   If you start honking, yelling, panicking about the late meeting… we all know that doesn’t make the traffic move faster but it moves us faster out of peace and into panic.  Instead of finding an alternate way, suddenly it seems the day is being spoiled as the vision of how it should have been slowly gets shattered.

Flowing with obstacles, letting them be an opportunity or a motivation or an exciting breakthrough, takes the pressure off of things.

2. Let’s stop talking about what’s wrong.  I can’t stress this enough.  It’s helpful to vent for a moment to get clarity, it’s not helpful to discuss and recap and re-hash the problems to everyone you know.  When you give these things that much space in your mind and life, they get amplified and carry on into downward spirals.

3. Embrace the herbs that clear space Space clearing can be life-changing. You can’t do too much of it!  HERE are some ideas to get your space clear with loads of different herbs. 

4. Light is vital.  If you don’t have enough light outside, bring the light inside as a therapeutic agent to keep your life free of the energy blocks of easily avoidable seasonal depression (SAD).  HERE are my favorite products to get that light flowing!

5. Your clutter can be cleared.  Simple, self-explanatory.  Clutter is an easy-to-avoid energy block.

6. Do three things every day that lift you up. Odd numbers are thought to be big change makers.  Three things that lift you up= a lighter life.

7. Dial back on noise. HERE are some of the benefits of silence.  I find that the busier I am, the more silence I require.  I don’t “meditate” traditionally so I am very big on organic ways for you to find your quiet. A hike, yoga class, a quiet room, some nature…

8. Drop the goals that aren’t authentic. If you don’t really want it but are feeling pressure or other people’s wishes imposed upon you, now’s a great time to cross those things off your list.  Not everyone wants the same types of relationships, the same types of careers and even the same types of fitness goals.  You set the bar in your life, and you don’t have to be “crushing it” on every level in order to be balanced, flowing and living in abundance.


9. Herbs on your door.  An herbal wreath of rosemary or lavender can be a simple and gorgeous way to welcome in the good vibes and leave the bad vibes outside.

10. Doses of nature.  Houseplants are the easiest way to clear the air, calm a space, remove EMF’s and send a message of growth in your home every single day.   Nature in big doses will flood your life with grounded calm, so make sure you’re in Nature every day.  Use Nature, also, as a way to transform negatives into positives— some time with trees or a on beach in salt water or simply walking on dirt or lawns is a brilliant way to ground your personal energy fields and feel fantastic…!

We can all easily avoid a lot of static and stress in our lives.  Tune into what you need to have more mental space, physical flow, energy and inspiration.   Realize what you can let go.  And… keep on your flow.

xoxo Dana

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